Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nope, Just A Disaster

No, no I will not start this off with a memorable quote or particularly witty comment from the book because besides the fact that there is nothing remotely memorable or witty in this book I will not give it the satisfaction. I am sorry and must make a disclaimer here. As a rule, I am not mean about books, I do not enjoy being rude about another person's work but this book I could not let slide. Preview: I found it offensive, degrading and overall a complete slap in the face to women everywhere which is why I will be so heated in my thoughts on this. I read this book roughly a week and a half ago and I am still enraged that I wasted my time. In fact, the more I think about it the angrier I get because I know people who love this book and that fact alone gives me the feel to go into a blind rage.
Anyways, I will write this and let out all my aggression and then be done thinking about this. WARNING: SPOILERS HERE AS WELL AS POTENTIAL FOR CURSE WORDS…YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.
This book has so many things wrong with it I do not know where to begin so to summarize; Abby is a freshman at college, Travis is a sophomore and the resident man whore on campus. He fights in an underground fighting club where he beats the hell out of random other students for money. Classy guy already, right? So Abby is best friends with America who is dating Travis’s cousin/roommate Shep, thus they meet and for some unknown reason after banging 90% of the student body he becomes enthralled with Abby who is immune to his, erm, charms? She tries to fend him off in a complete mature and rational way…when she sees him she purposely wears pajamas, no makeup and glasses…um, ok? Last I checked we are supposed to fall in love with people for what they have on the inside so your outward appearance would have no effect on his feelings for you. But don’t forget people, we are dealing with the creme de la creme of maturity in these character here…keep reading.
This doesn’t work, clearly, and eventually Abby loses a bet to Travis that forces her to live in his apartment for 30 days. Huh? Anyway. Travis overhears Abby saying how she could never date Travis because he is too much of what she was trying to get away from in her former life (her dad is an addicted gambler, we’ll get there though). So, Travis is upset and he makes the mature decision to go out, get hammered, brings home not 1 but 2 girls to have a threesome with on the couch (because Travis “does not bag chicks in his bed”…how charming), all while Abby is in his room and she hears this going on for over an hour. For some reason that will never be rationally explained or defended she still stays, oh wait, it’s because he shows up the next morning with all her favorite food…read: abusive relationship in the making, presents after a fight. America is the worst friend in the world because she sits there and tells Abby how Travis is different with you, he really likes you, blah blah blah. So Travis’s irrational and immature behavior gets a bye because he has never had the emotional capacity before this to actually care about somebody. Cry me a frickin’ river. I cannot stand men like this. Their feelings are hurt and we are supposed to give them a pass because they are able to correctly identify a feeling? Gimme a break. With how many women Travis has slept with and probably broken every single one of their hearts along the way, forgive me for not feeling sorry for him because we all know he has it coming. Welcome to heartbreak, welcome to the life of every woman out there, welcome to the fact that you do not always get the person you like to like you back.
The rest of the story is monotonous; it goes like this. Abby resists Travis, he doesn’t get the picture, Travis continues to pursue Abby, Abby finally gives in, they date, they break up, they date again, they break up, um, she dates another guy in there somewhere who is absolutely perfect (no sarcasm I swear), Travis beats the shit out of a guy that is innocently teasing Abby (and when I say beat up I mean left the kid bleeding and unconscious), they go to Vegas to bail out Abby’s dad, there is a fire at a fight (totally realistic), and the CHERRY on the FRICKIN’ sundae is that to end all of their drama and to conclude this story they do the only mature and rational thing that there is to do…THEY GET MARRIED IN VEGAS.
Ok…deep breaths. There are so many things wrong with this I don’t know where to start. First, when Abby leaves Travis the first time he trashes his apartment. Breaks stereos, rips and throws away the sheets on his bed, swings at his cousin, the works. Complete temper tantrum. Not only that, any guy that says anything to Abby, good or bad, he either verbally lashes out at or physically maims. When did this become okay? What the deuce? Not only that, the red flags are so close to Abby’s face she might as well be wearing them as a headband. Hunnie, it’s only a matter of time until he hits you, this is the token beginning of any abusive relationship and it SHOULD NOT be romanticized in this book. Travis’s stalking and obsessive and codependent behavior is written as if this type of relationship should be sought after…uh, no!
I feel like this entire novel and situation is the bad daydream of a naive 15 year old. I’m not sure I can verbalize this into understanding but its almost like when you were young and you have a crush on a boy. You fantasize about him falling for you immediately, but in that same daydream you think that fighting and drama are fun and something every relationship should have and in the end you’ll still live happily ever after. I’m not sure if that makes sense how I said it but that’s the vibe I got from this. Some diluted daydream of a relationship that’s all fun and drama and break ups and make ups. This is beyond dysfuntional.
In addition to that this entire book is completely offensive to women. That Abby would let a guy treat her like this, beat people up who talked to her, call her his property, all while when he gets mad, he gets crazy drunk and brings home random chicks. Have a little self esteem girlfriend! C’mon! And no other girl is introduced in this book besides Abby and America who are even remotely intelligent or worthy of anybody. Every other girl is a “skank” or “slutty” or “dumb.” Aren’t we supposed to support one another and back up our fellow females…ESPECIALLY against an abusive male specimen. Where is the love?
I cannot even begin to dissect or talk about the ending of this book because that fact that they thought it would be a good idea and the solution to their problems to get married is so far beyond all intelligent human thought. No, this is actually how women end up with abusive husbands, why our divorce rate in America is so high, and why young girls think that they need to settle for whatever guy looks their way twice.
Alright, I think I’m done. I’m sure there are about a dozen more points I can make about why this book is not okay but for now my aggression is sated. 
1/5 Stars…maybe even 0

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