Thursday, October 18, 2012

All The Feels

“I knew she was terrified, horrified, even, 
but I never thought those feelings were directed towards me. 
I’d seen her evolve as we spent time together; 
she seemed more comfortable as the weeks passed.
Happier. At ease. 
I allowed myself to believe she’d seen a future for us; 
that she wanted to be with me 
and simply thought it impossible.” 
–Tahereh Mafi, Destory Me

Genre: YA Dystopian
Publisher: HarperCollins, enovella
Release Date: October 2nd, 2012
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As I stated in my previous post I’ve thought about writing a blog with reviews for quite awhile but was always too much of a coward a scared-y cat. However, after reading Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi I was inspired to begin and get my thoughts out there. I’m still nervous about this I’m ready to begin.
Wow, where do I begin? So if you haven’t read Shatter Me, the first novel in the three book series then I’m sorry. With all good intentions I intend to go back and write about Shatter Me but until then we have Destroy Me. *SPOILERS AHEAD DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT SHATTER ME RUINED*
And with that disclaimer out of the way Destroy Me opens immediately after Warner has been shot by Juliette after a massively intense make-out scene that she was faking and he was shaking from. So, very understandably and to quote the amazing author herself in a recent vlog, “Warner. Is. Pissed.” He is furious, he is embarrassed, he is in physical pain, but most of all he is hurt...emotionally...weird, I know! Warner is a character that people love to hate. He puts on a cruel, indifferent demeanor meant to evoke fear and loyalty among his soldiers that he is commander of in his sector.
However after experiencing Destroy Me told from Warner’s eyes you see he is not this person completely. He is complex, he is wounded, he is complicated, and he is really just a boy wanting to love and be loved. Mafi’s writing is beautiful and that might be the biggest understatement in this blog. Her writing transports you to a completely different world within your own. It is sharp, tender, heart wrenchingly pure and raw and emotional all tied up in the short e-novella. While reading it I honestly felt like I was in a floating bubble not entirely grounded in this world.
My second disclaimer of this post: I am not into bad boys. I do not like villains. I do not sympathize with the bad guys. I was never that girl who went after token “bad boy.” With that said… I.Love.Warner. So incredibly much.  I found myself rooting for his broken, tortured soul and wishing with all my heart Juliette herself could read this in order to make a completely informed decision as to who she wants to be with. They could belong together. They could save each other. For Mafi to be able to write her villain in such a way and such a light as to sway my loyalty to Warner instead of Adam is a great accomplishment. Mind you, I love Adam. I love love love him in Shatter Me and still love his character now but I will be lying if I say my heart doesn’t beat a little faster when thinking of Warner.
Overall this book was absolutely the most beautiful and perfect addition to the Shatter Me series and fans of the books will not be able to get enough of the beautifully damaged man boy known as Warner.
5/5 Stars

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