Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fierce Reads Tour!!!

So it took me awhile to post this but I wanted to recap my AMAZING time at the Fierce Reads tour that took place in Gurnee, IL. It was! Leigh Bardugo is HILARIOUS! Her and Gennifer Albin were just a riot, seriously. Caragh O'Brien was absolutely a delight to talk to. I LOVE her Birthmarked trilogy and she really took the time to talk with me and discuss the books. She even said it sounds like I have a little Gaia in my personality...YES!  I shall take the compliment! SO NICE! It was really interesting to hear where they call go their inspiration for their stories. Most entertaining was Marie Rutkoski and how the opening of her novel about a mother throwing a knife at their child was a true story...wicked cool! I got some sweet book swag too! *pictured below :) *

Here are my pics I took with all the authors and my signed books. Shadow and Bone is amazing if you haven't read it yet as is the entire Birthmarked series! Crewel and The Shadow Society I have yet to read but I am SO excited to read them I hear they are phenomenal! Reviews to come :)

Leigh Bardugo and Shadow and Bone :) 
*Note the true...fangirl of the Darkling 


Caragh O'Brien and all the books in her PHENOMENAL Birthmarked Trilogy.
*Again, note the captions, LOVE them :)


Gennifer Albin and Crewel...Remember who you are :)


Marie Rutkoski and The Shadow Society...really excited to read this!

AND my bitchin' book swag :) That nail polish rocks my socks by the way. 


  1. Wasn't this tour AWESOME? I went to the stop in Philly and seriously they were freaking FABULOUS and HILARIOUS. I just want to be bffs with them lol. Also you are adorbs! <3

  2. YES! I want to be bffs with then all too! So funny you said that! And thank you! You are equally adorbs :)


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