Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday! Kick-Ass Heroines Edition

So thanks to the lovely Jamie ( whose amazing blog you can find at The Broke and The Bookish ) I have discovered the ever so cool trend of doing Top Ten Tuesday! So here is my first one! And it is one of the BEST TOPICS EVER! Top Ten Kick Ass Heroines. Seriously people, how much better than this does it get?...Maybe Top 10 fictional boyfriends...in which case I would need a legitimate Top 30...but I digress. 

I have to say it was near impossible to narrow it down to a Top 10, kind of 11, I'm sorry, and I even have a handful of honorable mentions but keep in mind I'm new at this so I shall learn to abide by the rules in time. This was so fun to write so here, in no particular order, are my Top 10...11 :)

1. Katniss Everdeen This is an obvious choice...clearly. But one cannot deny her from this list. She is the definition of kick-ass. She strikes fear in the heart of everyone with her skills of the bow and arrow. She is fiercely independent, loyal, courageous, brave, loving (in her own way) and strong. I will be redundant using these adjectives with all of my favorite heroines but she truly fits the mold. She is not always the nicest person and she makes no excuses for it. I absolutely love this. She is who she is and if you don't like it then too bad for you. And she started a revolution...did I mention that? She's the freakin' Mockingjay. She sacrifices herself for her sister in an act that I am so able to identify with that she will always be in a tie for my number 1 heroine of all time...her fellow heroine that she is neck and neck with is right below...read on...

2. Hermione Granger Wow, along with Katniss I'm not sure there are enough affirmative adjectives in the dictionary to describe how amazing Hermione is. My favorite characteristic of her by far is her intelligence. She completely schools every single male and female around her with her intellect. She stands up for the injustices of the world that she sees, case in point S.P.E.W. I love this about her character, she will always stand up for what is right even if it may be the impossible choice. And she is brave...brave beyond measure and little girl readers everywhere have a strong role model in this one. If I am blessed with future daughters they will know of Hermione first and foremost in their reading education :)

3. Tris Prior Following in the brave category I do not think the work kick ass can be mentioned without having Tris Prior from Divergent on the list. This girl is kick ass...no, literally, she will kick your ass. She is dauntless. She is brave. She is strong. And if you cross her, man, I'd watch out cuz this girl is a fighter. She starts out as being seen as and feeling weak and worthless and insignificant and through her journey into the Dauntless compound she gains not only fighting skills but a fighting attitude. She is not a Stiff, she is strong and she will also defend what she believes is right and equal to all those in her society. She is an amazing character and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for her in the final book!

4. Jane Eyre Change of pace but to really have a cohesive list we must travel back in time a few centuries and give homage to a woman ahead of her time. Jane Eyre is a kick ass heroine in any novel that would be published today but the fact that her story takes place well over a century ago is commendable in its own right. She was a woman ahead of her time indeed. She was independent in a time where women were seen, not heard, and definitely not making their own choices. But that type of lifestyle wound never suit Jane. While her behavior for the most part did align with the times, underneath she longed for independence and to make her own way and choices. She too fought for herself and made choices that she could live with herself and not answer to anyone else. Bravo Jane, you paved the way for woman suffragettes in the next century. 

 5. Elisa FINALLY! A heroine who isn't described as small or delicate or petite or tiny. We have a real life girl with real life struggles. She is maybe a bit chubby, she enjoys treats and meals, she struggles with wanting to be thin and lean...like 90% of young girls out there...and wait, every woman out there who wasn't blessed with freakish metabolism. Elisa starts out with zero confidence, the belief that she will never be loved because she isn't beautiful like her sister and she grows into this amazing confident warrior queen of a band of rebels and her transformation was real and honest. I LOVE this character and I LOVE how she develops from unsure to decisive which is the journey that, really, we all take from out awkward teenage years to possibly even more uncomfortable young adults years :)

6. Queenie and Maddie *sigh* I'm not sure I can say enough amazing things about these two characters. If you have not read this book yet I feel honest to God pity for you. Go get it immediately and do not stop until you finish. This book is breathtaking. Unforgettable. Inspirational. And beyond kick ass. Seriously. And yes, I know I cheated with combining two characters together but if you've read Code Name Verity you know you cannot mention one without the other. The describing attributes of brave, courageous, selfless, determined, fearless, loyal are only the tip of the iceberg when describing these amazing women. Anything more will give the book away so I must stop now. But go read it...please...you won't regret it. I will leave you one fact about these two women though...they make a sensation team...:)

7. Katsa As I've said with all my other choices I don't believe you can have this list without Katsa. This girl is kick ass on the scale of Tris because she will literally kick your ass; it is her gift as well as her curse. She is fiercely independent as well and in a fantasy world where women are seen as property of the closest male relation she swims against this current and legit fights against it. She is a skilled swords-woman  archer, hand-to-hand combat extraordinaire and this is her job. She fights time and time again to live on her own and never be ruled or controlled by a man. She is kick ass and she paves her own way and I love love love this about her. She is a truly an original heroine.

 8. Gaia Stone Wow, another one I do not even know where to begin on. I read Gaia's story during a time where I needed a heroine just like her. While she is strong and independent, she feels like she will never be loved by anyone other than her parents...and she learns to accept this. Brutal but she does (even though she obviously is worth more than that). Her core personality is fiery and without excuse. She is a verbal terror to anyone who may oppress others or disagree with her on a morality level. She will always stand up for what is right and does not care what anyone thinks of her. This is amazing. I relate to her on so many levels so I am a little biased but man, she is an incredible character. And not only all these things, she finds not 1 but 3 fantastic men who love her for who she is...fire and fierce and all those fantastic things. 

9. Calaena Sardothien Rounding out our legitimate "I will kick your ass if you look at me sideways" females is Calaena Sardothien. She is another true original. She is literally an assassin...and not only that she is the most feared assassin in all the land. This is a bad ass bitch (excuse my language) right here. She can fight, she is intelligent, she is well-read, and she never gives up. She is found starving, weak, and near death and she claws her way back to the greatness that she once had and that journey was nowhere near easy. She fights tooth and nail to regain her place in the world and along the way she catches the eye of two amazing suitors...read this phenomenal book to find out what happens...and trust me...it's well worth the wait and her choice makes me love her that much more.

10. Lena Haloway Lena. Again, on a personal level, if my life would all of the sudden turn into a dystopian disaster I feel I would be very much like Lena. As a teenager, I liked rules, I followed all rules, I never questioned any rules...just like Lena. But as Lena sees the cracks in the rules of society she once coveted she begins to change her thinking. I know my younger self would reject the idea rebellion at first as well so to see Lena's change from hardcore rule follower to rebellion was so realistic and honest you can't help but root for her. She too transforms from a meek and quiet girl to a smart and fierce woman who owns her choices and decisions. She becomes so strong that she is relatable to real life girls everywhere which is why she is a no-brainer of my list. Team Lena. 

That was so fun! I hope you enjoyed and agreed with my Top 10 Most Kick-Ass Heroines. It was hard to narrow it down so here are some honorable mentions as well!

Honorable Mentions: Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments, Anne Boleyn from Tudor England (can we count real people? Whatever, just did), Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices, Deuce from Enclave, Gemma Doyle from A Great and Terrible Beauty, Alina Starkov from Shadow and Bone, Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Cinder from Cinder.


  1. I REALLY need to read Code Name Verity! Awesome picks! We had a few in common.

    You asked if you did the TTT post and it looks perfect! The only thing I'd say is to link to The Broke and the Bookish so that if others who aren't familiar with TTT but want to participate can find where to locate it and link up! Speaking of which, did you link up? When I post it on the TBTB at midnight there is a linky and you got a lot more visitors if you put the link to your top ten post on it! Good way to find new blogs to visit too! Wasn't sure if you did or not!

    1. Oh my gosh you need to read it now! Seriously, you'll love it!

      Ok, so I changed the link to The Broke and The Bookish. By link up do you mean add my name and blog link to your TTT page with the 245 other links? Because yes I did do that too lol. Do I have to do that every week? Or just the once that I'm participating in it? I'm so clueless on so much haha

    2. Yep you did it then! :) Every week there will be a new linky so if you participate in it that week you can add your link in. I can't tell you how many new blogs I've found through visiting others and how many people have said they've found my person blog (The Perpetual Page-Turner) through it! It's so fun to find people with similar taste and I PROMISE you that you are going to find tons of new books to add haha. It's BAD. Every TTT I discover something new.

    3. Excellent! Just to be clear I can link up each week on The Broke and The Bookish under the Top Ten Tuesday tab? I just ask because I tried to find that page again and coudln't...I think I'm an idiot lol!

  2. Ok, I guess I will really need to pick up Code Name Verity! You make it sound completely amazing. And I agree about Katniss!! Awesome list!! :) hehe, I did put Adelice on my list :D

  3. Oh my gosh it is! Brilliant. I can't say enough good things about it! And Adelice would have TOTALLY been on my list had I read Crewel before writing it...boo haha


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