Friday, November 2, 2012

Kate Morton Book Tour!!!

Last week I had the extreme fortune of meeting the absolutely fabulous Kate Morton. Oh my gosh was I fan girling when I found out she was coming. I never in my life thought I would ever get to meet her! I read her first book The House at Riverton a few years ago and have been in love with her writing ever since. If you have not had the pleasure her books are the art of storytelling. They always deal with at least two timelines, present, past, and sometimes further past. She weaves these tales with amazing descriptions, epic family drama, and you never know how the entire story fits together until the very end. She is truly a gifted writer...and when you hear her speak you can tell it is completely natural for her. She spoke shortly about her journey to becoming an author, read and excerpt from her newest novel The Secret Keeper, and then answered questions. She is really just so lovely and I could listen to her speak all day because her accent is just so cool...(I wish I had an accent...*scowls*). But really, she was so incredibly nice, she signed my stack of books I brought with me and did a different and unique inscription in each one. She even told me she loved my copy of The House at Riverton because it was "the original look, good job you you've been here since the beginning." Yes, yes I have Kate and I have loved every minute of it. So here are my pictures from the event, mostly myself and my lovely books...Enjoy!

The Lovely Kate Morton and Myself

And my books...The House at Riverton

The Forgotten Garden

The Distant Hours

And finally...The Secret Keeper...Can't wait to read this!!


  1. I've never read anything from Kate Morton! I feel like everyone lately has been telling me to! What's your fave by her? I'll pick it up from the library!

    1. Oh that's a hard one! They are all really good but I would say The Forgotten Garden. It has this fairy tale element to it that I am just a sucker for! After that, House at Riverton but really they are all great! :)

  2. Okay I was googling for Kate Morton's new tour dates because I do that about once a day and your post popped up! So that's the reason I'm commenting on a post that's almost 3 years old LOL. I LOVE KATE MORTON SO MUCH!!!!!!! I picked up The Forgotten Garden on vacation 5 years ago and when The Distant Hours came out I got to see her on tour in SoCal. It was so great; there were only 15 other people there so it was really intimate and like you said, she is the sweetest, loveliest person to listen to. I love her stories about writing and about Australia, it was such a pleasure to get to see her and speak to her! I'm jealous you got all your books signed, I just got the one :) But I am sooooo excited for The Lake House, all of her books are amazing. She is my number one auto-buy author. Loved your post and your cute pictures!!! :)


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