Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reaching Too Far

"It's all right to wonder..."
--Ally Condie, Reached

*tear*, thus with Reached brings the final conclusion to the Matched trilogy...*sigh*...I was SO excited to get this book but so sad to see it all end! Isn't that how it always goes with the ends of series? Bittersweet? I loved Matched and Crossed and Reached did not disappoint. The cover stayed with the theme of the first two and I have to say how much I LOVE them. They are so pure and pretty and clean looking, I just LOVE them. AND I received my copy at a signing Ms. Condie did at Anderson's in Naperville, IL so I got to meet her! Yay!! She is seriously like the cutest person ever! So kind, so sweet, and she signed a ton of Matched trilogy posters that are so cool! *Pics at the end of review :)

So if you haven't read Matched and Crossed I suggest you go do that now because I will be spoiling them for you in! So we FINALLY have all three main characters perspectives represented in this book. I LOVE THIS! We finally get to hear Xander's voice! It was excellent! We find Cassia working in Central, Ky is flying planes for the Rising with Indie and Xander is working in Camas as a physic when a plague breaks out. The main focus of the novel is finding a cure for this plague. Each character in the beginning is separately doing their part to help the Rising overtake the Society...I cannot say anything more plot-wise because I do not want to ruin anything for you.

I am slightly biased being a nurse but I LOVED the medical aspect of this book. The plague, the cure research, the explanation of the physiological aspect of the disease, I just loved it! And I love how all the characters we have learned about and love develop and start to really make their way in the world. These are not the naive teenagers we met in Matched. These are strong, independent and fierce adults making tough decisions for themselves and the ones they love.

The alternating viewpoints of the characters make you want to keep reading because you are always wanting to see whose point of view you get insight into next. The teamwork that Xander, Cassia and Ky have is beautiful. They really make a great team and make up a third of a complete circle. I feel like Xander really got the shaft in the last book so to see him so much in the forefront of this story was amazing.

The plot continued to surprise me at every turn. I thought I knew where the story was going and that we already knew everything...oh but we didn't. While each book ties and flows into one another I feel like each book has its own distinctive feel and voice unto itself. I think this is so cool. There were things that happened and revealed in Reached that I hadn't thought about since Matched so it was all that more surprising and revealing. LOVE!

I have heard of other people express disappointment in this series and I can't help but disagree. While there are holes in the world building and the political aspect of this series is not the strongest and wrapped up a little too neatly very soon in the beginning, what I love about Matched is that the dystopia is more on the periphery of the story. These books are about the people. The emotional journey of the characters is the main drive of these novels and I find this to be very different than a lot of dystopians out there. The human condition is explored so much in this last novel that you really get to know the emotional depth of the characters; their thoughts, their fears, their hopes, their dreams for the future; everything! While there is so much is going on in the Society, I really like how the book focuses more on the characters' reactions to the events rather than the specific events themselves. 

With that said, the emotional turmoil all the characters go through all felt so real. The ending and conclusion to their journey was perfect. The story wrapped up excellently and there were no holes left at the end for readers to ponder, which I am sure any reader of any series can fully appreciate :) I am so sad to see their stories end! I seriously cannot believe I just finished the final book! So sad! But happy...emotions are in a whirlwind! *tear* But seriously, I loved reading Matched but I am still in a little bit of shock that it is all over...guess I can always read it again :)

4/5 Stars


Yay Ally Condie!!! <3


  1. You are so lucky to have met her, Kelly! I'm seriously jelly right now! xD REally wonderful review! I just loved everything you said :)

  2. I loved the first two books of the Matched trilogy, they were page turners that provoked a little emotion from me. I was really excited to read this book, but it was just so incredibly boring. It took me forever to finish it (which I forced myself to do, because I hate to not finish a series)and I felt the plot was very anti-climatic. Nothing really interesting happens in this story. The ending fell so flat, no big emotion or satisfaction felt from me when i finished. This could have been so much better.

    Marlene Detierro (Hummer Parts)


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