Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Other Side of the Compound

"If I have to lose everything to keep her,
I will."
--Veronica Rossi, Roar and Liv

Genre: YA Dystopia
Publisher: Harper Collins, enovella 68 pages
Publication Date: October 30th, 2012
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Short little Sunday treat of a review!! *sigh* I binge read (like this is something new) Roar and Liv a few nights ago and if I had to sum up my thoughts with one nonverbal action it would just be a sigh. These two are too cute for words, seriously. We get a lovely insight into the world that Perry comes from before he meets Aria in this fantastic e-novella. This story however follows Roar and his romance with Perry's sister Liv. Their tribe is struggling and Vale who is the leader of the tribe as well as Perry and Liv's older brother decides to sell Liv to another tribe wrapped up as a wife in order to feed the rest of the tribe. We knew this from Under the Never Sky but reading it played out in words...uh...let's just say things didn't go over quite well. Vale really is quite the bastard, excuse my French, but seriously. He is a mean little man...and by little I mean roughly 6'4" and probably upwards of 250 pounds but I digress.

We also get a little more insight as to the unrest in the tribe with Vale leading and the discourse as to if people really need to marry those who share their special oversensitive senses. I loved being plunged back into this world of Aether and Auds and Scires, oh my! And while all of the selling of your sister to another tribe stuff sucks major the moments between Roar and Liv are just adorbs. They are so sweet to each other and I love reading about couples who sense from each other when they need the other person and when to respect their independence. These two have that. As much as Roar would like to scrap that courtesy most of the time the main underlying emotion as to why he doesn't is respect. He respects Liv and her choices, even when he doesn't agree, and he lets her be who she is. Angry, passionate, fiery, and he loves her just the same. He just loves her so much and his inner dialogue as to what he's thinking when he sees her and spends time with her made both my heart melt and mouth laugh out loud. He's quite sassy this Roar...and I love it. 

This was a perfect addition to the Under the Never Sky story and I cannot WAIT for Through The Ever Night!! Eep! 

4/5 Stars


  1. Okay, how does this link up with Under the Never Sky? I haven't read it yet. This sounds great though! I binge read all the time, lol :)

  2. It was published after Under the Never Sky, but chronologically occurs right before. You should read it its so good!! You'll love it! :)


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