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Freebie! Top Ten Books That Influenced Me While Growing Up

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish gave this week's Top Ten Tuesday a freebie! The topic I chose was Top Ten Books That Influenced Me While Growing Up. Holidays are a time of nostalgia so I thought I would look back pay homage to the books that made me the crazy, voracious reader I am today <3

Childhood Influences

1. The Giver by Lois Lowry
I've gushed about this book countless time during my TTT. This book made me a reader, courted me into falling in love with dystopian stories, and was the initial white rabbit that pulled me down the rabbit hole. 

2. Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
Clearly Lois Lowry had a big impact on my growing up. While The Giver game me my love for dystopia, Number the Stars gave me my mission to read all I could about WWII and the Holocaust. I could not get enough of Annemarie's courage as somebody so young. She gave me courage through reading about her. 

3. Dr. Seuss
My earliest reading memory is from when I was about 4 and my parents signed up for this book in the mail program. So every few weeks a new set of Dr. Seuss books would arrive and I remember running to the mailbox wishing and hoping I would see my mother pull out a small, brown rectangular box that I knew would contain hours of joy. *sigh*

4. Matilda by Roald Dahl
To discover as a child a book about a child who loves to read...what?! I'm not alone?! I think I destroyed my copy of Matilda growing up. Reading about her taking her wagon the library and coming back with a stack of books made me so I always wanted magic powers...and she had both...baller.

Middle School Influences

Need I say more?...Ok, I will. Ultimate story of good versus evil. It's about sacrifice and courage and strength in conviction, but most of all it's about love. I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. When they started coming out I was the same age as they were in the book in the successive years they came out. It was fate <3

6. I Have Lived a Thousand Years by Livia Bitton-Jackson
I have not read this since I was in middle school, maybe high school, but I know how much this book meant to me. This was Number the Stars 2.0 because as a middle schooler, I could now read about the actual horrors that Number the Stars only alluded to. This book broke my heart but left me wanting to know so much more about the Holocaust and its survivors.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
Narnia, like Harry Potter, is just the symbol of goodness and doing the right thing. I love the Christian values that are laced throughout the entire series. The last book in particular is so beautiful I remember reading the last chapter over and over again. Couldn't get enough.

8. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume
I, like all other adolescent girls, had more questions than an annoying teacher when it came to getting your period and what the hell happened after that. This book was a beacon of light in a time of outlandish confusion and insecurity. Even though the book is dated now, and let's be real it was dated when I read it, it still was a perfect read in regards to what I was going through...I must, I must...well, you know the rest ;)

High School Influences

10. Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews
This book did not so much influence me as give me a healthy appetite for the creepy and totally messed genre of books. I read it because my mother had read it as a teenager and liked it and I think I read this book 5 or 6 times in high school. It is deranged and twisted and weird but oh so fantastic!

I feel like every adolescent and human being on this Earth should read this book. It talks about the injustice and horrible treatment that humans do to one another. It made me want to fix it. This book influenced me in so many ways, most obvious in the proper treatment of all people regardless of color. It is just a perfect piece of literature.

Can't wait to see what your freebie topics are! Peace and love!


  1. I love To Kill a Mockingbird, it's one of my favorite books! :) Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Catchiest Book Titles:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. Nice list! I chose childhood favorites for mine, which is kinda similar. I love Matilda so much!

  2. I have never read Flowers in the Attic but it sounds interesting! I love the Giver although I only just read it a year ago. I Have Lived a Thousand Years had a huge impact on me too.. so sad but made me feel things for the plights of the world that I didn't feel before. It's amazing the influence a book can have.

    Great topic! Happy Holidays!

  3. nice picks! I'd include HP as well.
    I never read Dr. Seuss because I think we never had any books translated here, but I plan to read them all next year :)

    Happy holidays!
    My TTT

  4. I confess I did not read any of these books while growing up. In fact from your list I read only Harry Potter at college because that' when it got published (I feel so old LOL). If I had to pick my childhood influences it would be: Heidi by Johanna Spyri, In Desert and Wilderness by Henryk Sienkiewicz & Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren.
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams
    Special Guest Post by Marion Croslydon: Top Ten Heroes I’d Like To Kiss Under The Mistletoe

  5. I've been hearing awesome things about The Giver recently, I hope to read it one day! Harry Potter however was the series that got me reading, so that was one of the greatest influences. I also read To Kill a Mockingbird last year, and that was a... eye opener. I've never witnessed real, harsh racism and the book was just so strong. Thanks for the post!!

    Leanne Yang
    Escaping With Books

  6. Didn't do a top ten so much as a short "top thankful for" post but still cruising around looking at everyone else's lists. As I am OOOOLLLLDDD I didn't read most of these as a kid but FITA was one strange and disturbing read which did lead to a lot of that type of story and Narnia still makes me want to believe that someday I could stumble through and find a lamppost.

  7. Great list - Margaret, Mockingbird and Flowers would be on my list if I attempted the same topic.

  8. Lol - Flowers in the Attic is totally twisted! I read it, too, though and a lot of the other books in the series. I love Matilda and HP too!!!!

  9. Great Top Ten choice. I remember reading every Judy Blume I could get my hands on. Also high on my list was the Little House on the Prairie and Nancy Drew series'.


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