Friday, December 21, 2012

My Book Inspired Life (1)

Don't ya'll just love that picture?! Ugh, I just gush over it. Beauty and the Beast has forever been my inspiration and starting point in life that loving books was okay. Clearly my blog name also attests to that :)

So I don't really know if anybody else does this or not, or if there is a similar type of post out there that people do BUT I always see things when I'm out and about in real life that reminds me of books or characters, etc.. So I wanted to start a post that highlights things you see in real life that remind you of bookish things. I don't really think this will be a scheduled meme or anything, I'll just post one whenever it deems pertinent. If for some very strange reason other people want to do join me, maybe just link back to my blog? :)

So I was in Toronto all last week and found a few book inspired monuments! I know The Mortal Instruments just finished filming there and knowing that cathedrals are a very sacred location for the book plot, the moment I saw St. James Cathedral I just had this feeling that they filmed there. They HAD to have filmed there! If not, then another church in the nearby area. Anyways, this was one of my book inspiration points. This just happened to be right outside my hostel. This cathedral is absolutely beautiful!! And actually, when the Queen of England goes to church in Toronto she goes to this one! So it seems pretty badass for a church and this HAS to be a place they filmed...right?!

Ok, so NOT the best picture but this is the CN Tower in Toronto. It was at one point, maybe even now, the tallest free standing structure in the world. The view is breathtaking, you can even stand on a glass floor and look down...totally trippy. BUT the SECOND I saw this structure I thought of False Memory by Dan Krokos. If you have read this book you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. This book was so fantastic (review will be up in a week and a half or so :) ) and it just seemed way to perfect after just having read it. Every single time I saw it, which was a lot-hello it is the tallest structure in the world, I thought of the book and had a little mental giggle to myself :)

In addition to travelling this week, I did some Christmas cookie decorating!!! So we have a ton of different cookie cutouts and angels happen to be one of them. Again, Cassie Clare reference. I frosted this angel, looked at, and said to myself...'Huh...this is most definitely a clockwork angel...COOL!' It was just too perfect. Then I mentally swooned over Will and Jem for a few moments...rawr. I mean, this isn't artistic amazingness here, but still, it's kinda cute, right?! My sisters and cousins are waaaaay better than me. I'm the oldest and they put me to shame...self-proclaimed artistically challenged person right here...I got no shame in my game :)

Ok, so this one isn't really book inspired...but kinda? I never read the X-Men comics but am OBSESSED with the movies! Like me and my friend would post different clips from the movies in anticipation of the most recent X-Men: First Class...self-proclaimed geek amazingness right here. So during my bus tour of Toronto, they said that Casa Loma, pictured to the left, is the location for a lot of movies...including the inside of The Xavier School for Gifted Are you kidding me?! Me and my friend I was with had a freak-out. Didn't know this place existed prior to arriving here but hot damn am I glad I know now!! Sooooo pretty and hello! I got to go to mutant school for a few hours!!! :)

So I hope you enjoyed my First Ever Edition of My Book Inspired Life!! I hope you all find book inspiration in everyday life :)


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who sees book-related things everywhere. I have to say that the biggest is one of the dining halls on my college campus--it looks SOOOO much like the Great Hall from Harry Potter, almost intentionally(it was modeled after the same university that the Harry Potter great hall was modeled after for the films), and instead of cups are GOBLETS. Every time I go in there I feel secretly giddy.

    1. Oh my gosh that is so cool!! I'm so glad I'm not alone!! Thanks so much for reading! :)

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  2. Whoops... I accidently replied to your conversation there... You know, I was actually thinking of doing something kinda like this. It would be about stuff that would make reading better, like if I saw the perfect chair, pillow, mug, hot chocolate etc so I would be interested in participating if you were to create a meme :P Anyway, I loved your references to clockwork angel. Especially the cookie- it looks so cute! Yum :) Ive never seen X Men but I like your reference too hehe :)


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