Sunday, December 16, 2012

Journey To The End of the Earth

"My fall began, 
as most stories do, 
with a girl."
--Julie Kagawa, The Iron Knight

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Published: Harlequin Teen, 394 pages
Release Date: October 26th, 2011
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GAH!!!! We get a whole book from Ash's point of view?!?! Please forgive me while I faint...*thud*...What? I didn't wake up in Faery?...Dammit! Whatever, maybe one day. AGAIN, I must pay homage to my wonderful book friends especially Annie who helped rally for Team Fey (you can find her at Tar Heel Bibliobabe where she runs an awesome blog!) and I cannot say enough how glad I am to have started these. Again, thank goodness all the books were out when I started, I could never have waited! 

So the fourth and final book of The Iron Fey series bring us not to Meghan...but to Ash...*swooning begins now but isn't even close to ending*. Ash is on a quest to become mortal because he made a vow that he would not stop until he found a way to be with her...*sigh*. FYI All you real life human boys out there need to start reading YA lit because THIS right here is how you get girls. Just act like these guys do in books and you will have the ladies fawning all over you. You are welcome for the free (and priceless, might I add) advice. Puck is of course along for the journey as well as Grim and a few new face :) They begin a journey to literally the end of the world in order for Ash to be with Meghan.

This book was legit the cherry on top of the cake. I read the interview with the amazing Julie Kagawa at the end of the book and supposedly she wanted the series to end with The Iron Queen but because her editor is a fan of Happy Ever After Endings, she convinced her to write The Iron Knight. THANK YOU EDITOR!!!! And the dedication in the front is absolute perfection; it states 'For Team Ash, this one's for you.' How freakin' ador is that?! LOVE! I loved The Iron Queen but I really feel like The Iron Knight wrapped up the series full circle and sewed up every last loose thread. The pacing was great, the journey was epic, and I felt my heart pounding at multiple points and could not turn the pages fast enough. My favorite part was near the end when Ash had to confront some things he has done in his past (those who have read it know what I'm talking about). My heart ached for him but I think the readers really got a chance to see into his damaged inner psyche and gave us insight as to why he acted the way he did in the first book. It was excellent writing, really it was.

The only things I did not like had nothing to do with anything legitimate. There is a certain guest appearance of a character that sticks with them through the journey who I wanted to punch in the eye every time this character opened their mouth (again, readers of Iron Fey you know who I mean). This character did get better but in the beginning I was feeling super possessive fan girl. And Ash, the whole reason for his journey was for Meghan, when he had moments of indecisiveness I wanted to smack him upside the head Puck-style. This didn't last too long, it obviously helped the plot and was very beneficial but as a reader it was too much stress for me! Haha, see? Like I said, nothing substantial just my fan girl reaction and being crazy :)

I loved the underlying theme of sacrifice that Kagawa presents. These characters are strong and good and do things while always thinking of others and ultimately, the greater good. The end of The Iron Queen represents this and multiple situations in this book echo that as well. Especially Ash. He will do anything to be with Meghan. Sacrifice his fey heritage and whatever else in order to be with her or take death as the alternative. It is so awe-inspiring the steps each character takes in order help Ash along on this journey. It was so sweet and good, I couldn't get enough :)

I am so sad to be done reading this series, this was a legitimate binge read that took 3.5 days...yep, that happened. Sorry not sorry. It was 3.5 days very well spent. I looooooved how everything turned out in the end but I am sad to see the world of Meghan and Ash come to a conclusion...but wait...I have The Lost Prince to look forward to...all is not lost yet ;)

5/5 Stars <3


  1. I absolutely loved reading this review. It summed up exactly how I felt when I read The Iron Knight. It was such an amazing read. And the whole series was just great, one of my favorites.

    And The Lost Prince is pretty awesome too. :]

    Great review!

    1. Thank you so much! I can't wait for The Lost Prince, I asked for it for Christmas! :)


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