Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fashion Fierce: Golden Globes Recap

Holla!!!! For another non-bookish post! I am smashing my goals!! OK, so my passions in life besides books and travelling, is FASHION! Oh my gosh, if I had unlimited amounts of money I would not only have a library the size of Belle's, 6 fully stamped passports, and more clothes than Kate Middleton. I love love love fashion! Especially  avante garde stuff. It is so imaginative and expressive! But besides that I live for red carpet gowns! So I HAD to do a post about my Best and Worst Looks of the night!


Jessica Alba- Hands.Down. Best dressed of the entire evening! I love that color, especially against her skin. That necklace-DYING!!! She is just breathtaking in this. Gorgeous beyond words. I am actively ignoring that clutch though...heinous...the dress makes up for it though.

Julianne Hough- Oh.My.Gosh. This dress...THIS DRESS!!! It is like white swan in a gown. The beading, the skirt, the hair and makeup. Just amazing. Close, close second. This dress though is probably my favorite but Jessica Alba just pulls it all together and tops her.

Kate Hudson- I don't know exactly what it is about this look that I love. It is sleek and sophisticated with the right amount of sass. Her hair looks beautiful and her make-up is amazing. 

Jennifer Lawrence- This bitch can do no wrong in my book. She has fabulous style and she just looks fabulous at every event. And she won!!! Yay!!! Katniss does it again. She looks every bit the real life girl on fire.

Leonardo DiCaprio- Um...obvi. I have been obsessed and in love with Leonardo DiCaprio for the greater part of a since I was a kid. *Drool, swoon, sign, faint* I can't get enough of him. So dashing and charming and just elegant. Can we get married yet?...Please? Nice Italian boy is what I need.

Christoph Waltz- I can't. He is so brilliant. He deserves every single thing he wins. SO happy he won tonight. Ermagosh. If you haven't seen Django Unchained yet, GO SEE IT!! One of the best films this year for sure.


Mayim Bialik- Um, did you grandmother style you? That dress is way too old for her. Pretty color and if you hack off the bottom 3 feet of it and make it short, we might have something here. But this is just hideous on her. Makes her look frumpy. Just no good. 

Tina Fey- I say this EVERY.FREAKIN'.YEAR. at EVERY.FREAKIN'.AWARD.SHOW....HIRE A STYLIST!!! AND IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE, FIRE HER!!!! Holy goodness, sorry about that. But for realz, her style is heinous! She NEVER looks good, I feel bad, she needs to hire somebody with taste because she looks a fool at every event. Sorry not sorry.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus- This pains me to say because I have loved her since Seinfeld but this dress is SO incredibly unflattering. It makes her look short and wide and she is a very petite woman. Dress is ok, but looks horrid on her. Poor thing.

Whew! That was so fun! Hope you all enjoyed my pics for Best and Worst Dressed! Did you guys watch?! Who are your favorites?!


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  2. Julianne Hough was definitely my favorite of the night!

  3. Oh! I think we can be fashion soulmates as well! :D I LOVE Julianne Hough's dress! I think if I could just wear that dress every day that'd be enough to keep me happy :)


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