Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Life in Books (9)

Welcome back for another edition of My Week in Books, inspired by memes by Showcase Sunday by Book, Biscuits and TeaIn My Mailbox by The Story Siren and Stacking the Shelves by Tynga's Reviews. I feel like my week was a little slow compared to the massive haul I got during Christmas week. Sad but true. I miss I alone...*sigh* I'll let my books comfort me... :)

Uh, so I love this book and when I saw it at Half-Price Books for a whopping $3.49 I immediately knew I needed to save this book and give it a home :) I read this book on the plane to Florida this past April...bad idea in hindsight...very, very bad. I ended up legitimately sobbing on the plane. I had to put my sunglasses on to avoid the obviousness of my tears. It was horrible. But horrible in a way that was so good. This book is amazing. Check it out. So unique. Such brilliant writing. It was one of those books that as I was crying, I was trying to stop crying but pausing my reading...didn't work. The tears literally were just pouring down my face...oofta. 

I am SO excited to read this. Heard more than a number of amazing things about this. Renaissance-Uh duh! Italy--Double duh! Pretty dresses and Venetian masks--Squeel!! So excited!! I was in Venice last year and want to go back sooooo badly!! This will not help my travelling desire but I just don't care. Hope it lives up to my expectations :)

For Review
I got this from NetGalley (yay for being approved!) It is something toooootally out of my YA genre that I feel most comfortable in but Ann Aguirre (Author of the Razorland series) posted about this book on Twitter saying how good it was so I'm gonna give it a try. I am excited to get out of my YA comfort zone and read a more adult-esque book. I'll let you guys know how it turns out :)

That's my haul ladies and gents! Can't wait to see yours!! 

Peace and love! :)


  1. Ah, I really liked elsewhere! Sometimes I feel like the only person's who read it, but it's a terrific read.

    1. You are not alone!! I loved it! Seriously couldn't stop crying and I don't even know why! It was just so beautiful and moving I couldn't stop lol


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