Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday! Most Frustrating Book Characters

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! This week we get angry and vent about our most frustrating book characters...Grrrr!!!! Haha, but wow, I realized I do get quite heated while writing these. All these past frustrations coming back full force. Wow, excuse any unladylike language in advance :)

1. Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices- I love Will. I do. But in the entirety of the first two books he just shoots himself in the foot time after time. Kid has way too much misdirected anguish and guilt. I understand where he is coming from because it is what he truly believes, but I still wanted to jump in and shake the crap out of him and tell him he's being stupid and to let people love him. Gah!

2. Cole from Everneath- Like Will, I looooooove Cole. Sue me. He's wounded and tormented and I want to snug him all day. I ALSO want him to put his big immortal boy pants on and admit his feelings and intentions for Nikki. Cut the bullshit Cole and tell her what is inside of you because if you don't, you continue to look like the asshole and you will not win her heart. Capice?

3.  Ann from the Gemma Doyle series- Ugh, if there is one thing I cannot stand it is characters who wallow in their self-pity. Ann was the WORST! She would talk and talk and talk about how bad her life was but when her friends encouraged her to change it or when the opportunity to do so pretty much smacker her in the face, she ran away scared. If you are not going to do anything to help change your situation, I don't wanna hear about it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Grab life by the horns.

4. Abby from A Beautiful Disaster- I don't even know where to start with this one. Apologies to those of my bookish friends who love this book, but this was my worst read of 2012. Yikes. This girl is a masochist for pain. I think she is a complete idiot and that is the nicest I can put it. That's all I can say in fear of ostracizing any of you lovelies who read my ramblings who also love this book. A lot of people do...I don't. Nereyda, I'm sorry but I had to include her.  

5. Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl- Wow, did this girl like the play the victim. I may be one of the only people who has read these books that hated Serena. I was always on Blair's side. Serena would have things constantly handed to her on a silver platter and then bitch and moan about how rough her life was. Blair was CONSTANTLY put down by Serena and it just was how it was. I couldn't stand it. Serena was just so weak and useless. Ugh. 

6. Blue from The Raven Boys- Overall, I love Blue. She is a strong female character but the little adolescent inside me who loves Gansey was screaming at her in my head. Give him a chance!! Stop running away from!! He is SO the better choice! Gah! I just couldn't stand it. This is more of a fun frustration choice because of the storyline and it has to be this way, but I was still annoyed.

7. Hector from Crown of Embers-This is another fangirl fun frustration. Again, screaming at him mentally while reading. Tell her your feelings gosh darnit!! Save me from my misery and make a move! Ok, I'm done. Daisy, I know you will feel me on this one.  

8. Leon from Prized of the Birthmarked series- Oh, I could have killed him in this book. Leon is one of my top 5 book boyfriends and I was so MAD at him in this book! He was being too headstrong and stubborn I wanted to kick him! Things may or may not gotten better depending on if you've read it so I won't ruin it. But gah, was he frustrating!! Still love him though...:)

9. Anastasia from Fifty Shades- Ya know, to be honest, I started off the series really liking her. Bookworm virgin who snags a hott billionaire. Hell yes, I'd like that to be my life. But by the end of the series, my gosh, stop tormenting the poor man! You know he has issues so why must you constantly be pick, pick,picking at him on purpose. Just leave him alone. Eat a meal for eff's sake and stop making stupid decisions. Shit man. 

10. Bella Swan- Self explanatory. 

Hope you enjoyed my list!! Not very visually stimulating but lots of angst and anger!! 'Til next time lovelies!

Peace and love!


  1. Agreed re: 9 & 10 (though I did not mention them in my list this week).

    I don't know anything about book!Serena from Gossip Girl but I had a sense from watching the show (got sucked in around s4--was curious about the Dan & Blair storyline) that she seemed like she was just there.

    Here's my list of 10 irritating/frustrating characters =)

  2. Bella's #1 on my list. Travis Maddox made my list, but I am not as polite as you. Seriously, a threesome outside her bedroom. Whatever, dude. Wouldn't win me over. Your Ana reasoning made me laugh.

  3. Serena is the worst! Also, your top two are the same as the top two on my list!

  4. Omg, Serena is horrible!! She made my list too!



  5. bwahahaha love how there's no description needed for Bella, so true. And yes Cole!!!!! and Hector my goodness I just wanted to shake the man!

    Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings

  6. I'm (pleasantly) surprised to see how many people found Bella irritating.

    Here's my Book Characters Who Could Use a Session With Dr. Phil.. I'd love to have you stop by!

  7. Ann from the Gemma Doyle books! Yes, totally forgot about her!
    You know, I've never really felt frustrated with Bella Swan nor Kristen Stewart. I know I'm probably the only person in the world, but I'm totally cool with that.

  8. I totally forgot about Ann, but you are so right! She needed to do the best she could to change her fate, but she did not have enough determination to do so. Great List!

    The Book Voyage

  9. I did not like Serena at all! Actually, I didn't really like any of the characters in Gossip Girl. I only ever read the first book.

    Abby made my list, too. I didn't hate her, or the book. But both Travis and Abby! Talk about frustrating.

    I listed Gemma Doyle and not Ann, although I totally agree with you about Ann. I hate that self-pity crap.

  10. Loads here I haven't read actually. And ha! Bella! She's popping up on a lot of lists, I'm pleased to see. Great list! :-)

    Here's my Top Ten.

  11. I love Cole, too! I don't really like Will - he bores the crap out of me, and the same goes for Nikki, but COLE! I haven't read Everbound yet, but I hear he has pretty frustrating moments in that, so I'l be on the lookout. I agree with you - just admit your feelings and be done with it! Great list!

    Here's my TTT: http://findingblissinbooks.blogspot.com/2013/01/top-ten-most-frustrating-characters-ever.html

  12. YES! I was mentally screaming at Hector and Elisa to just KISS ALREADY! GAH! But I love them :)
    And ugh, Ann and Abby! SO FRUSTRATING! And Serena managed to annoy me in the TV series as well ;)
    I still need to read the third book in the Birthmarked series, but Leon annoyed the heck out of me in Prized...


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