Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book

We all have our book reading preferences and areas of comfort. We all especially have certain things that we go back to over and over again. Yay for this week's TTT topic hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Here are my top ten words/topics that make me instantly want to pick up a book!! Can't wait to see what gets your reading heart beating a bit faster.

1. Boarding Schools--I loooove boarding schools! JUST read Vampire Academy...like legit finished 15 minutes ago which is why I'm doing this TTT so late. Harry Potter...duh. The Gemma Doyle series. The It Girl series. A part of me wishes I was a delinquent so I was sent to Connecticut or Maine or upstate New York to have rendezvous with hot boys in button downs and khakis...*sigh*.

2. Magic--Harry Potter...duh. Enough said. There is a part of me that will spend the rest of my life reading all about magic in order to try and re-create that magical feeling while reading...it won't happen but I shall try. 

3. Magical Places--Narnia. Hogwarts. Wonderland. Love love love, I will take it all! I am always looking for the next rabbit hole to fall into. 

4. Dystopia...of any kind--I have gotten a bit better at this after reading some not so good ones so I'm a little more picky with my oppressive governments and broken down worlds but I will ALWAYS love a good dystopia. It is my first love :)

5. Sexy Times--I love the swoon. I love the passion. The sexy boys. I love and seek out a good dirty book whenever I can. Again, I'm picky, I'm not gonna read whatever is out there but I love a skanky book. Call me a book slore. Like I care. 

6. Kingdoms/Sword fighting--After dystopia I looooove me a good fantasy novel. Cadet of Tildor, Falling Kingdoms, Graceling, Crown of Embers. Anything that involves fantasy and sword fighting will get my blood pumping a little bit faster.

7. Badass Chicks--Any mention of a girl who is outside the crowd, on the fringes, doesn't fit it will get my attention. I love the girl that nobody acknowledges to do anything turns out to save the whole damn world...or get the hott guy...either way.

8. The Tudors or Plantagenet Family--I LOVE historical fiction. Obsess. Crack-like addiction. Not normal. Katherine Longshore and Philippa Gregory are my homegirls. I know how the story ends. Every single time, I know...I KNOW HOW IT ENDS. Do I care? Hardly. I will read it all. 

9. Fairy Tale Re-Tellings--Let's be real. Look at my blog name. I love princesses and if I can get my hands on a good re-telling I will totally read it. Splintered blew my mind. I love revisiting a story with fresh eyes. 

10. Foreign Places--Anything taking place in a different city, preferably foreign, will catch my attention. I love reading about other places, espcecially when I can go to them and be like, oh my gosh! This is where said character did this!! Can't wait to do that in October :)

Can't wait to see what you guys love to read about!!


  1. Fairy tale retellings and foreign places are on my list, and I'd love to read more historical fiction/the Tudors too! :) My TTT list: http://aliceinreaderland.com/2013/04/29/topicsword/

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  2. "I love and seek out a good dirty book whenever I can." hahahahhaa

    You will thoroughly enjoy the black dagger brotherhood.

    I cannot wait to play book boyfriend games at BEA!

    I am so with you on dystopia.... I probably should have listed that on mine, but like you said, I was too caught up on every word that describes kissing. Can't help it.

    I neeeed to read harry potter. Magic is where it's at.

  3. Oh wow. We've got some of the same words on our list. I love fairy-tale retellings, The Tudors and Dystopian books too. Great list.

  4. I think we must be soul mates, I have a very similar list :)

  5. I can't believe I forgot to include boarding schools! I love fairytale retellings too but I haven't read Splintered yet...I'll have to get on that!

  6. Boarding schools and historical fiction are two of my major weaknesses. I love your inclusion of sexy times. It made me laugh, but I'm totally with you.

  7. BOARDING SCHOOLS. YES. I DO THIS ALSO. But it's not on my list. Also, sexytimes. Given. I almost added kissing to my list but I was like, DUH OBVS I WANT KISSING IN A BOOK (even though there are some books I love that don't have any kissing).

  8. "I LOVE historical fiction. Obsess. Crack-like addiction. Not normal." <--- And this is why you are a girl after my own heart. Seriously.


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