Thursday, July 25, 2013

Introducing...Book Bangin'!!

Hi guys!! Ok so I initially thought I would introduce this in My Week In Books video post but then I realized how close to the end of the month we were soooo I decided to post this early! I had mentioned wanting to start a new feature-ish thing on the blog all about BOOK BOYFRIENDS!! SO, here is what I propose--The last day of every month I will be posting a Book Bangin' entry. What this entails is this: each month will have a topic and you will discuss, brag, fangirl, swoon, exclaim, freak out, and talk about ALL THE FEELS over your favorite boys for that topic. 

Example: Let's say August is Dystopia. You will then pick your favorite book boyfriends from the dystopia genre and talk about why you love them. Their swoony lines, their chisled abs, their tattoos, WHATEVER makes you swoon for them! Each month will be different. AND at some point in your post I think it would be fun to honor your Hot Man of the Month. Look at the books you read this past month and pick your favorite boy to brag about. 

Now, I have been wanting to change things up with the blog so I'm gonna be posting a video. But if you don't wanna do a video, be creative! Write a post, make a collage, construct a sonnet, anything your little swoony heart desires! 

SO for this month, July, make an intro post! I want you to introduce yourself and name your top book boyfriends of all time! You can talk about as many or as few as you would like! I'm gonna be posting on July 31st and I would LOVE for you to link up so I can see if I'm not the only one participating :) 

Any questions you can email me, tweet me, or leave a comment. Can't wait to fangirl over our love of fictional men!


  1. I'm always up for some book boyfriend shenanigans (shocking, i know!) so count me in!! :)

  2. Ooh, fun!! I'm gonna do my best to join in despite laptop malfunctionings and it taking FOREVER for my new one to get here...

  3. OH YAY!!!

    Oh gosh the end of the month is so close. And I have SO MANY BOYFRIENDS WHAT WILL I DO? Very little time to prepare. Very little. I have to go.

  4. Sounds like fun - always up for book boyfriend discussions!


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