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In This Crazy World--Book Bangin' Dystopia

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Hello, lovelies!!! Welcome back to Book Bangin'! This month we talk dystopia and while I love a lot of different type of books, dystopia (as well as fantasy) holds a special place in my heart. I cannot WAIT for you to meet my favorite dystopian guys!!

Also! I am SO excited to be able to welcome some of my FAVORITE authors that possess the brilliance that created some of my favorite book boyfriends! Check out below to read about book boyfriend wisdom from Veronica Rossi, Caragh O'Brien, and Kit Rocha!!

NOW, I have the amazing fortune of welcoming three of my favorite authors to Belle of the Literati! You guys have no idea how excited I was when Caragh, Bree, and Veronica agreed to participate in Book Bangin' and share some of their inspirations and favorite fictional men :)

Veronica Rossi on what makes boy swoon-worthy and who her favorite book boyfriend is...

"What makes boys swoon worthy in my opinion? Hmm. I love guys who have a sense of humor. I love guys who *respect* girls. Boys who are protective and thoughtful without being overbearing or stalker-ish make me happy :)

My favorite book boyfriend of late is Hector in Rae Carson's Girl of Fire and Thorns series.

Major SWOON-AGE!!!"

--Veronica Rossi, author of the Under the Never Sky series

Caragh O'Brien on her inspiration for writing the swoon that is Leon...


"I'm glad you find Leon swoony, Kelly. I can try to explain what my inspiration for him was, but it might not make much sense. First of all, Leon wasn't modeled after anyone. He evolved on his own. I only met him when Gaia met him, and I gradually developed his motivations and back story as she needed to know them, so he had a mysterious element for me. Since he was withdrawn and distrustful at first, I had a hard time getting him to say things, let alone be honest. It felt like a gift to me when he opened up. For a long time, through the writing of Prized (Birthmarked 2), I had this image of Leon dragging a heavy slab of stone behind him, hauling it by ropes. It wasn't a scene that ever belonged in the book, but it matched a raw, frustrated, determined part of him that was central to who he was. I kept returning to that image. Of course, Leon was smart and tender, to, or Gaia never would have fallen for him. I was fascinated to see how he grew in their relationship. For me, Leon works as a book boyfriend because he keep trying, even when it hurts."

--Caragh O'Brien, author of the Birthmarked series 

The Bree half of Kit Rocha reveals who her favorite book boyfriends are...

"My favorite book boyfriend has held the title for over a decade now.  Lucivar from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series is without a doubt my favorite fictional fellow.  He captured my heart from the very first page of the very first book, and while lots of people love his cool, sophisticated half-brother, I've always had a weakness for the brash, uncivilized warrior heroes who can't hide their passion and protective instincts.  There are lots of runners up in this contest--Kelley Armstrong's Karl & Lucas, Meljean Brook's Drifter & David, Tessa Dare's Thorne (THORNE!), Lan from the Wheel of Time series, but I think it's hard to displace the king of my heart. And for now, it's still Lucivar Yaslana."

--Bree half of Kit Rocha, co-author of the Beyond Shame series

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  1. yesssss!!! WARNER ALEX FOUR AND PERRY!!!

    You've sold ME on birthmarked. MUST DO IT.


    THE BONE SEASON. I want it. I keep staring at itttttt ahhhhhh. Maybe it's time.

  2. My list was small because I realized when I was doing this that I haven't read that many dystopians so I'm looking for some recs. But I did have Four on my list too! After watching your video, I think maybe its times I read Birthmarked, the entire series by Kit Rocha, and the Shatter Me series!

    Thanks for the recs!
    Nikki H @ Take Me Away...

  3. OMG I love your rant about Warner. HELLS YES TORTURED AND MISUNDERSTOOD! I would Chapter 62 him 24/7. Also loving the Mockingjay pin!

  4. OMG I love all of your picks. I HAVE to get started on birthmarked....


  5. Ahh FOUR, yes! Love that he's smart too! I also have that same Mockingjay pin! =) Birthmarked sounds really good! Putting it on my list to check out!

  6. Omg. We said like the exact same things about Warner. "I would let him Chapter 62 me" THIS. Best line ever. Sexy, misunderstood Warner. I could swoon over him all day.

    I need to read Kit Rocha's books. You have totally sold me from your reviews and now this video. I need to get on that for sure.

    Love your video!

    Rebecca @ The Library Canary

  7. OMG THIS VIDEO!! :) lol Jase and Perry and WARNER... I do mention my boy Bren in our podcast... You're seriously going to laugh when you hear us talking about Shatter Me.

    Thank you for hosting this so much! We are having a blast!!


  8. Love the video! I have Kit Rocha on my tbr list for awhile but now I think I'll have to bump it up! I can't wait for the next hook up!

  9. Mmmm..... good choices..... ;) ;)

    Jase, Perrrrrry, FOUR!!!

    Cass and I decided we are def gunna read Birthmarked for our Diner Book Club!! Can't wait!! I know you've mentioned them sooo many times, but no one really talks about them so I kinda pushed it out of my mind. Sorrrry!

    LOL you are your erotica! ;)

    I WILL NOT STAND BY AND RELAX MY GRILL. Consider my S-H-I-T freaked! Ewwwww.

    Geeeze. I neeeed to read The Bone Season! I'm so happy we grabbed that on a whim at BEA!!!! #coolkids

    1. hahaha that was supposed to say You AND your erotica.... not ARE. lol... though you kinda wanna BE though... hahaha so maybe it works???? :P

  10. YES TEAM WARNER!!!!!!
    ERMAHGERD. This one tore my heart apart. I cried. It was so so so heartbreaking.


    I still want to participate in this feature but NO TIME :( Anyways, I love me some Perry as well, even though Roar stands out more for me. THG is definitely my fave dystopia, though I'm not really a fan of Peeta at all, and Gale is not really a top book BF. I LOVE FOUR! But not Theo James because the Four in my head looks better, lol.

    You can keep Warner. Ew.



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