Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Whose Bra Will We Freeze Tonight?--NA Slumber Party with 3AM Kisses by Addison Moore

"I hear book boyfriends are all the rage...
How do you like my book boyfriend now, bitch?"
--Addison Moore, 3AM Kisses

Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Publisher: Addison Moore Publishing, 306 pages
Publication Date: September 17th, 2013
Source: Bought
First Book in New Adult Slumber Party Feature

Goodreads Description

Baya Brighton is looking forward to her first year at Whitney Briggs University, new friends, dorm life, and finally being close to her brother again. Love is the last thing on the list, but when Baya meets her brother’s roommate she begins to have thoughts and feelings that make even her blush.

Bryson Edwards has a secret he prefers buried in the past and long forgotten. He prefers loose girls, fast cars, and long nights working at the string of bars his family owns. When his roommate’s sister shows up on the scene, she’s far too innocent and sweet for him but he can’t shake Baya out of his mind and worse, it looks like she’s seeping into his heart as well.

Baya seems determined to show her brother she’s not a little kid and equally determined to use Bryson’s body to prove her point. It’s been made pretty clear that Baya is off limits to Bryson but their undeniable sparks explode into a whole lot more than just a few 3:AM KISSES.

My Thoughts

Welcome to my review in part of the first ever New Adult Slumber Party!! Be sure to check out Betty, Cass, Asheley, and Estelle’s blogs with their thoughts as well! Ok, so how this all started? Impromptu read-along of a New Adult book and then Estelle had this AMAZING idea to turn it into an NA Slumber Party. What ensued? Hundreds of emails and countless tweets on updates and favorite quotes while reading. You guys, I’ve never had so much fun reading a book!

What book you ask? 3 AM Kisses by Addison Moore and, let me tell you, this was the PERFECT book to do this with. This book was just racy and sexy and fun! Our main character Baya Brighton is a (virgin) freshman away at school in NC where her brother also attends. She wants to let loose while he is stuck in the past thinking she is still 13…and treats her as such. He has this smokin’ hott roommate, Bryson (let the swoons begin), who Baya develops feelings for and Bryson is starting to feel the same way. What happens…you have to read and see. *evil laugh*

Ok, so we get alternative view points between Baya and Bryson and YOU GUYS, the inner monologues of Baya had me ROLLING in laughter. With some of the most creative use of dialogue I have ever read. No joke. While I (as well as my co-readers) thought some of the dialogue was a little over the top, regardless, it was amazing. Baya is a tell-it-like-it-is type girl and you all know how I feel about those. Her desire and lust for Bryson not only felt completely spot-on and honest, her way with words was beyond witty. Colorful, vivid, descriptive, naughty. If we’re gonna get real for a moment--her thoughts on losing her virginity, and her fears, were pretty fantastic. Fantastic in the way that she is thinking what most, if not all, women think in that kind of moment. The over-the-top descriptions and creative use of adjectives aside, I really respected the honesty of Baya’s thoughts and really think the author did an amazing job with this scene.

Bryson. *fans self* is sexy. Reformed man whore. Traumatic issue in his past he is trying to work through. Family guy. He is so totally swoon-worthy. Is he perfect? No. His way of punishing himself to avoid happiness got old to me. Not to take away his emotional turmoil, but there are a ton of characters who I've read about that have the same hero's flaw. Something bad happened in the past thus ipso facto I don't ever deserve happiness again. This tragic hero act gets real old to me real fast no matter the circumstances. Sorry not sorry. We all deserve to be happy regardless of our past mistakes.  And the dirty talk?...I was a complete fan. Sorry not sorry. He is not your average dumb frat boy and his character was fleshed out quite well in my opinion.

The periphery characters weren’t involved a whole lot but when they were I really enjoyed their scenes. I am especially excited to read more about Laney and Roxy and their romantic escapades in the future.

The only things that had me tilting my head in confusion a little was an incident that happened at the very end that also ties back to Bryson’s past. It was an ‘oh shit just got real’ moment in a way that I felt was too deep for the plot. The entire story up until that point felt very fun and light while also dealing with emotional issues, but the resolution of this particular event seemed was too real for the surrounding story. It was a very ‘did that just actually happen?’ kind of moment.

I LOVED reading this book along with some of my favorite friends. I have never looked forward to emails so much in my life. I can’t wait to do this again in the future and I HIGHLY recommend this book for a read-along with your girl friends.

Should You Read This Book? For sure. Fun, sexy, racy. Good times had by all. 


  1. Absolutely some of the most fun I've ever had while reading a book ever. Ever. Because of balance beams and stuff.

    Totally agree about that part at the ending!

    So much fun! Can't wait to do it again!

  2. I know this book isn't for me, but I really LOVE how much fun y'all had reading it together!

  3. Oh hello sexy guy on the cover. ;) It sounds like y'all had a blast at your virtual slumber party! haha. I like books like this, especially during the week when I'm tired and just want something FUN to read before I fall asleep. Your description of this book made me think of Losing It by Cora Carmack. It has a similar theme, and I cracked up at some of her, umm, shall we say mishaps, during her first "date" with a guy she meets in a bar. I'll have to remember this title when I'm needing a good fun book :)

  4. I'm not a big NA reader, but I do think it's pretty darn awesome that you girls had so much fun reading it! I'm actually willing to bet that my sister might enjoy this one, because she's read a lot more NA than I have, and she's definitely got a thing for those dark, tortured souls ;)


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