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Black Dagger Brotherhood Party--Favorite Non-Romantic Relationships

It's party time! Welcome to my first post in week-long Black Dagger Brotherhood party hosted by myself, Alexa at Alexa Loves Books, and Rachel and hello, chelly. We are all IN LOVE with these books, these males, these females, the stories but most of all the relationships. The relationships that occur in these books makes the world real and come alive. While I swoon--and trust me I swoon--with the romantic relationship that drive each book, it is the non-romantic relationships that are just as intriguing. Here are my favorite non-romantic relationships of the Black Dagger Brotherhood...and maybe one that sits in the gray area...

Bella and Rehv

I love me a good sibling relationship. I adore Rehv. I LOVE Bella. And the fact that these two are related makes my heart gush with love. Rehv will do anything and everything to protect his sister. He is extremely over protective which, of course, I find endearing. I’ve always wanted a brother so I love to see a man protect his sister and care for her like she is the center of his world. With Rehv’s book we see more into their relationship and history and, while I loved it, I so want more. I would LOVE to see her and Ehlena develop a relationship and become friends that we can see. There is a friendship I would LOVE to write and explore…keep writing books JR, keep writing.

Fritz and all the Brothers

I mean…how can we not all love Fritz? The man bends over backwards to take care of our favorite males and their females and he does it with a smile. He loves to love. He adores the Brothers and the Brothers adore him in return. The man is a pseudo-father to them all in a way. It’s lovely to see such massive, strong men let themselves be taken care of (to an extent) by Fritz. I wanna live in this mansion mostly to get to know Fritz…plus I bet he would totally never accidentally shrink any of my clothes…

Butch and V...

            This relationship is quite controversial in the Brotherhood world. Personally, I’m going to talk about how much I love it. I love that JR Ward goes there in regards to homosexuality or even questioning one’s sexuality. I love that the relationship between Butch and V is a gray area of blurriness. What are they? What will they be? How did we get here? Questions to ponder but this is what I love about them. They are ambiguous. They need each other in ways that can’t be provided by their significant other. Are they cheating? Absolutely not. They love each other and it is not wrong or dirty or inappropriate. The hazy nature of the boundaries of their relationship is something that keeps me on my toes and keeps me guessing. The ambiguity of it intrigues me and I enjoy reading about how well these two understand each other.

The Brothers

            Alright. It’s no secret that these Brothers would do ANYTHING for each other. I seriously cannot say enough or talk eloquently enough to describe my absolute LOVE for these men. Their innate ability to defend and protect one another get me right in the heart every.single.time. They are not brothers by blood initially but they are Brothers by heart. They would do absolutely anything to protect each other and this is beyond words adorable. Reading about these huge, grown, ass-kicking vampire males go to the end of the world and back for each other is something I will never get sick of reading about. I say it in EVERY review how impressed I am by their loyalty to one another. It never gets old. They are the core of the platonic relationships throughout this series. We all love the romance. We love the swoon. We love the sex (don’t deny it). But at the heart of the story and at the beginning of this series…it’s all about the Brothers. 

Have you met the Black Dagger Brotherhood? Tell me your favorite relationships!

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(*Books are for mature readers, 18+ and deal with sexual situations)


  1. Butch and V's relationship! YESSS! I completely agree! And I totally (not-so-)secretly want them to get together. ;D

  2. I agree with ALL OF THIS! But I especially agree about V and Butch. It's such a fine line but I love their relationship too. I feel like none of the other brothers really have a best friend? And that's how I see Butch and V. And as much as I love the romances, it's nice to see the loyalty and friendship between the brothers showcased too.

  3. I loved Butch and V!!! Honestly, I can't handle these posts about the Brotherhood. I need to reread ASAP. It is killlling me. But if I do that I might need to abandon my blog for a month bc you know I don't review ahead. hahaha but yes, these MEN are top notch. Amen sister!

  4. I love all these relationships that you've mentioned! My favorite is the one the Brothers share, because something really binds them to one another -- and I love that they would kill/hurt/fight/take revenge on each other's behalf. They truly love each other as brothers, and I LOVE IT.


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