Friday, November 22, 2013

Black Dagger Brotherhood Party--Favorite Hero

*sigh* Let's be serious. The Brotherhood books are centered around the males. Hot, sexy, fighting, possessive, emotional, rage-driven vampires. Are you swooning yet? You should be. As Alexa said in her post, I too never thought I wanted to read about vampires. So when I finally started reading these books...I just couldn't stop. These vamps are one of a kind and they represent so much strength and love that it is hard not to fall head over bookish heart in love with them. SO, without further ado, here is the breakdown of Rachel, Alexa, and my FAVORITE brothers and why we love them. Also, we have a very special honorable mention :)


"Even though all the brothers are awesome in their own very different ways, something about Phury stood out to me. There's the gorgeous hair and citrine-colored eyes everyone keeps talking about. His steadfast loyalty to the brotherhood but especially his willingness to do just about anything for Z. Even his unrequited love for Bella made my heart ache for him. I knew she wasn't the one but I still wanted him to find happiness. But it wasn't until I read his story and saw his passionate and stronger side come out through his relationship with Cormia that I knew he was my favorite brother. There's just so much heart and a whole lot of sexy to Phury - especially when he gets all bonded male on Cormia. His book is one of my favorites in the series and I hope to get more Phury in the future ones (if not, I'm just going to keep re-reading my favorite Lover Enshrined scenes!)."

"I've always been attracted to strong men in positions of leadership. That partly explains why Wrath, the Blind King, the leader of the Brotherhood, is my favorite among the brothers. Wrath is the king, determined to act in his race's best interests by being fair and just in his decisions. But apart from his status, Wrath is also a true warrior who has experienced a lot of the action in the field and can definitely hold his own in spite of his vision disability. What really cinches the deal for me, however, is how devoted, passionate, loving and loyal he is - both to his brothers and his shellan Beth." 

"Well. Let’s be serious here. If you have been to my blog or know me at all, you will know that my ultimate book boyfriend is Zsadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. What you may NOT know is that it was not love at first read for me. He appears in both Dark Lover and Lover Eternal before getting his own book with Lover Awakened. I won’t lie, my first impression of Zsadist was that he was a heartless psychopath. No, seriously. I was like uh, is this guy for real? What’s the appeal here?...Insert leg in mouth. When we get Z’s whole story, and ultimately his love story, I fell in love…hard. I LOVE this male. My bookish heart breaks, swoons, bleeds, races, and beats for him. He is strong, capable, and smart. He is broken, beaten down, and scarred. But he is loyal and protective and will do absolutely anything for his family and Brothers. He is initially misunderstood and mistreated in the books by his Brothers…yet he continues to be there for them and love them. He worships Bella. He adores Nalla. And he looks after John Matthew like his own. He may be a little broken and hard to warm up to but when you do…watch out ladies, your heart will never be the same."

Honorable Mention

Our honorable mention Brother can go to no other than Qhuinn. He is a character that worms his way into your heart and you never want to let him go. Qhuinn is strong, capable, loving, and, most of all, loyal. He would do absolutely anything for any of the Brothers and his sense of duty and looking out for others is inspiring. Here are a few--of the MANY--reasons why we love Qhuinn!

Rachel--"I love Quinn for his loyalty to John Matthew and Blay, his kindness to Layla, his passion and strength. Also, I totally disagree with the glymera - the mismatched eyes are hot. "

Alexa-- "Qhuinn is a hot piece of male! I'm especially enamored with his loyalty to John Matthew and Blay."

Kelly-- "We all talk about how we wish certain book characters were real so we could be friends with them? Without a question, Qhuinn is this character for me. I think he is such a fantastic male and character with his capacity to love and protect people. His loyalty is unquestionable and I am beyond serious when I say, I wish Qhuinn were real because I want to be his best friend. Sorry, Blay. In the friendship arena, Qhuinn is mine."


  1. There is no question that I adore Wrath. He's an amazing character, and continues to get even more awesome as the books progress! I definitely love the Blind King :) But everyone else's picks (and the rest of the Brothers) are pretty darn great too!

  2. I haven't read any of these books yet but I might just have to get my shoes on, head to the nearest bookshop and start buying this series immediately! These guys sound awesome!!

  3. You make such a great point about not thinking you'd ever enjoy reading about these vampires. But they just suck you in!

    Everyone knows Z is my favorite, but I need to read the rest! Because I've heard some great things about a few of the others, including Qhuinn. And I want to read Phury's story!

  4. I'm so excited to read Lover Awakened now! I'm only the first one still so I cannot even IMAGINE why you would like Z lol. He's barely in this book but he just seems nuts!! I love Wrath and Tohrment so far <3 LOVE. (And yes, I am actually going around reading all these posts nearly 3 months later because I am obsessed with this series at BOOK ONE and need all of this *scoops up*)


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