Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top Ten Things I'm Grateful For

Ok, not gonna lie, I TOTALLY forgot about Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish until 15 minutes before it was supposed to go up. With that said--here are the things I am grateful for this year!!

1. My Family--This goes without saying. I have known my whole life how truly blessed I am because of the family that God has given me. My sisters are my best friends. My parents come in as a close second. My cousins and extended family a narrow third. 

2. Books--Obvi. I need not go further.

3. Airplanes--Newsflash: I love to travel. If I could make a living doing this, I totally would. Planes get me where I need to go.

4. My sense of adventure--Goes along with the travel theme. Not everybody is possessed with the need and passion to see the world. I'm grateful I have this in me.

5. Money--I hate to put this on here but if I'm being realistic, I need money to see the world and I have been blessed with the means to do so.

6. My friends--I have very few friends I trust and can truly count on. One of them you don't know (real life friend), the other is Betty from Book Rock Betty. I honestly don't know what I would do without her and I don't know what I did before she came around. It sucks hard we live so far away but that doesn't stop us. We are creepy twin-like people and I heart her.

7. Skype--Yeah, sorry, not going into that one. God bless the person who invented it.

8. WhatsApp--Keeps me in touch with all my wonderful international friends. Hi Judith and Debby and Mel and Daisy!

9. Words--Goes along with books but words have the power to change us...

10. Europe 2013--I am immensely grateful for the experience I had in Europe last month. From meeting my family in Porticello, to seeing the world, to meeting some amazing and unforgettable people. I cannot express enough how truly blessed I feel in life.

What are YOU grateful for this year?!


  1. I LOVE YOU. :) and.. not just because I am on your thankful list. hahaha but it did make my melt. <3 Seriously, I am so thankful you are in my life. We were meant to meet and develop this amazing friendship. I trust you like no other and I appreciate you more than I can say!!
    We need to go on an adventure together someday. If for nothing else, to see how much I slow you up when I spaz about the radiation from xrays at the airport! LOL
    Yay for skype!!!! I know a boy that must be very thankful for it too!
    So many great things on your list... like books, obvi. hahaha <3

  2. Aww what a wonderful list! I also have a passion for traveling (dare I say, greater than reading?) so I share a lot of your sentiments about Airplanes and money and adventure and past trips that I have been on that have changed my life! I also love my friends & family... and Betty obviously haha =P

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  3. Aww beautiful list and so many wonderful things to be grateful for! I don't know what I would do without my friends and family either; they're amazing. My TTT.

  4. What I great list! I should have put Skype on my list. I live far away from all my family and friends and without Skype I don't even know what I would do. It's so nice to be able to see someone's face you know? I'm the same way with friends, don't have many, but the ones I do have I can depend on no matter what. :)

  5. Amazing list! I forgot to include my family/dogs on the list because I was too busy fangirling over a certain TV show that I'm thankful for and now I feel silly!


    Doris @ OABR

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Kelly! It's been so great getting to know you this year & I hope to continue more of that in 2014. xoxoxoxoxoxox #brypie?

  7. I'm thinking about going to use Whatsapp more frequent when it comes to blogging friends. It's the perfect way to connect with people all around the world. Money is definitely something to be thankful of, together with friends and family :)!

  8. Your 2013 Europe trip looked amazing, based on the photos you shared on Instagram! I love your list because I can sense how genuinely happy and excited and grateful you are about everything on it. I am thankful that 2013 has given me the chance to get to know YOU better, and I hope that 2014 is more of the same! Here's to more book crushing, book gushing and book squealing :)

  9. Aww what a great list! Def the books and family! Family and friends keep me from going crazy when life sucks! I totally understand sense of adventure too -- I want to see the world! I just don't have the money or time right now... but one day soon!! Your Europe trip sounds amazinggg, that is so awesome you got to do that! =)

  10. Books! And all those awesome people involved with making them :D


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