Monday, December 2, 2013

Give Me a Real Man--Book Bangin' Contemporary

Wow! The month and genre is EPIC to me! I have so much love, so many flails, and ALL THE FEELS for each and every boy mentioned in this video! I LOVED recording it and I am humbled and honored that so many of my favorite authors took time and decided to join us for this month's Book Bangin'! Love each and every one of them and I cannot thank them enough for their genius and stories. So, here we go!

Who are YOUR favorite contemporary boyfriends?! Now, I very excitedly welcome Huntley Fitzpatrick, Trish Doller, Katie McGarry, and Katja Millay to Belle of the Literati and Book Bangin'!

What Does Huntley Fitzpatrick Look for in a Book Boyfriend? And Who Does She Swoon For?...

"I am a ‘let’s hear it for the good guys’  person, completely. Not TOO good, not sanctimonious or phony, but good at heart, generous and funny. There’s a line in a Rumer Godden book I love where she writes that a person was sweet, not as in sugary, but sweet like a good apple is sweet, real.  I had Jase in my head for years before he wandered onto my pages. No book writes itself, but the scene where he first shows up almost did. When he called up to Samantha “Need rescuing?” I was nearly as surprised as she was.  
Kindness and humor are essential for me to fall in love with a book boy. And that he really “gets” the girl—understands what makes her tick, where her strong points and her weak ones are, loves her for both and uses that knowledge for good. Etienne St. Clair in ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, Katja Millay’s Josh Bennett in THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY, Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars, Katie McGarry’s Ryan Stone in DARE YOU TO, Tammara Webber’s  Reid Alexander, Peeta Mellark.  
Wait…was I supposed to pick just one? I could go on and on, clearly."
Yes! Love the good guy argument! I also love that we share some of the same book boyfriends! Josh! Ryan! Peeta! 

Who is Trish Doller's Real Life Alex?...
"Alex was inspired by one of the divers on a sponge tour boat in Tarpon Springs. Alex doesn't look like the real life diver, but as I watched him work, I was thinking that a good-looking guy could probably make bank in tips on the weekends. Although the majority of Greek guys are dark-haired, author Suzanne Young had been begging me for a blonde, so I gave Alex a dirty blond curls and BAM! Total book boyfriend material. 

Also, my absolute number one favorite book boyfriend is Ryan from Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar."

I'm adding that book to my TBR list AND immediately booking a trip to Tarpon Springs in search of my own Alex...

Who is the Man Behind Katie McGarry's Inspiration For ALL Her Swoony Book Boys?...

"The inspiration for my heroes is always my husband. I take little pieces of him and put them into my book guys. :-) Here's what I pulled from my husband to put into my guys:

Noah: Swagger! My husband has this way about him that always makes me melt.
Ryan: The jock with the heart of gold. Yep, that's my guy.
Isaiah: Loyalty. His word is his bond and I just love that!"

Aww, I love this! You are clearly a very lucky lady :)

What Does Katja Millay Look For in a Book Boyfriend? And Who is She Swooning Over?...

"This is tough, because I tend to fall in love quite often when I read.  I made up a list so I could narrow it down and pick one and realized that they all had quite a bit in common with one another, so it seems I have a type when it comes to fictional love interests.  They were all somewhat quiet and reserved but not out of insecurity; rather they were very much in possession of their own thoughts and emotions. I loved that they all had something in their lives that they were intently focused on and passionate about and I think that kind of passion and focus is very attractive.  They were respectful which is always important to me.  And perhaps most significantly, they were beautifully flawed and real. 

So rather than subjecting you to my mile-long list of literary romantic prospects, I’ll give you my most recent which would be Gansey from The Raven Boys/The Dream Thieves who I’m quite certain would love me too if he were real and knew I existed. :)"

I LOVE the phrase beautifully flawed and real. Much of the reason why I love TSoT and Josh and Nastya so much. They are real and beautiful and flawed in their own way. *sigh*

How Did Colleen Hoover Create THE Dean mmm Holder? And Who Her Favorite Book Boyfriend Is...

"Well, as far as my inspiration for Holder goes, it's hard to say. I always have a hard time pinpointing exactly where my inspiration comes from when I write. But when I started writing Hopeless, I knew Holder had to be strong. As strong as Sky was, I knew she would need someone who could help hold her together when things came crashing down around her. Holder has been through so much that he doesn't have a choice but to be strong. I also knew that he would come off as kind of weird, and rude, and stalkerish at first, so I just really wanted to make sure that he was still likable! 

My favorite book boyfriend has to be Augustus Waters from The Fault in our Stars. Is that gross? He's only 17. I mean, I don't exactly swoon over him, but I just love him. He's so great."

I love Holder even more after reading this. I totally think weird rule the world, being normal isn't fun, who wants to be normal anyways, right? The Fault in Our Stars!! Augustus Waters is an amazing character! I didn't swoon either but I love him  

Thanks again for joining in on another month of Book Bangin'! Until next time, keep reading about ALL the swoony boys!


  1. I don't read contemporary, just started this year, but only got through one contemporary book. Fail. So I did my book bangin' this month on my top contemporary guys I want to meet. I really want to read the Sea of Tranquility!! Mostly because you've raved so much about it. :)

  2. this list... it's to die for. Each of these authors is (not surprisingly) on my list. :) LOL #JASEISMINE

    great list my friend!!

  3. ha... Dean mmmm Holder! ;) ;)
    Ahhh... Jase Garrett!!! I CAN'T WAIT for you to meet Huntley's Cass-- another good boy that won my heart, and you know I'm a bad boy kinda girl!
    The McGarry boys--- whaaat whaaat!!
    Thanks for the language warning... baby bettys were present. hahaha
    I am moving The Sea of Tranquility up to one of my next 3 reads. How can I not after watching that?!?
    Also love that Cole Holland was your man of the month again!!!! He is my man of forever. hahahha

  4. Umm, YES McGarry boys!!! Haha I finished my vlog just now and love that you put all of them too. =) I mean, they're seriously amazing! Heart wrenching, for real - love the emotions those books can put me through! Holy freaking Isaiah... LOVE.
    I haven't read Sea of Tranquility but I want to now!! I need to meet him! Also, def need to read where the stars still shine too!
    Ohh I just finished Alice in Zombieland last night!!! I can't wait until I can get my hands on through the zombieglass! I just bought a ton of books recently so I have to wait but SOON. And I totally agree, don't give me that "we have to break up for your own good" type crap. No. Let me love you! Haha.

  5. I love this feature! Great idea - I can never make enough lists of swoony boys. :)
    I have a soft spot for well written contemporary boys - if they're genuine and good while at the same time can make my cheeks flame... indeed. :)
    All of these authors made my list, too.

  6. I hate hate hate that this feature has come about during my horrendously lazy blogging days where I haven't been looking at things or doing things nearly enough. Because it's AMAZING and right up my alley. I love you for coming up with it. YAY FOR SWOONING.

    I very well might make like an hour-long video one of these days where I just do all the lists up until now, LOL.


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