Friday, December 20, 2013

My Life in Books (19)

Ok, so again, I haven't done one of these in forever! But alas, I have the most EPIC haul ever!! SO many books came out while I was away on my trip so I've been steadily binge reading through them. Tons of amazing Kindle buys and a few great review books and even one that I won! Eep! Enjoy!


For Review
Thanks Edelweiss, Netgalley, HarperTeen, Balzer + Bray, & Harlequin Teen


Thanks Goodreads!!

Thanks Mac Kids Books!

What did YOU get in the last week...*cough month cough*? 


  1. Yes, I know that I need to get started in Alice in Zombieland! Haha, good luck with your One day re-reading and crying ;) Altered looks great.

    Happy reading!

  2. Seeing you on video makes me miss your face!!! (So seriously, get your butt to NYC.) Anyway! I am excited for you to read A Darkness Strange & Lovely, because I love that series LOADS. Also, I still have not read Just One Year. Oops!

  3. 1. Your hair be lookin' good in this video, chica!
    2. JUST ONE YEAR COVER BOTHERS ME TOO. Like really. I don't want John Mayer on it - I want blonde, Dutch Willem.
    3. Just bought the Legend series boxset. I haven't read any yet but I was confident that I'd like them. Hah! Hope I'm right.
    4. SYDRIAN. (Ick covers! GAG.)
    5. Do I want to read The Madman's Daughter?


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