Thursday, February 27, 2014

Beware The Ways of Women

"I am an Amazon...the killer of beasts and men.
Freedom runs through my veins; no rope can hold me.
I fear nothing; fear from from me.
I always walk forward, for that is the only way.
Try to stop me, and you will feel my rage."
--Anne Fortier, The Lost Sisterhood

Genre: Adult Contemporary and Historical Fiction
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 608
Publication Date: March 11th, 2014
Source: eARC provided by publish via NetGalley--Thank you!
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Goodreads Description

 The Lost Sisterhood is the new novel from the author of Juliet, an Oprah's Book Club Pick published in 30 countries which has been picked up by Universal to be made into a feature film. The Lost Sisterhood tells the story of Diana, a young and aspiring--but somewhat aimless--professor at Oxford. Her fascination with the history of the Amazons, the legendary warrior women of ancient Greece, is deeply connected with her own family's history; her grandmother in particular. When Diana is invited to consult on an archeological excavation, she quickly realizes that here, finally, may be the proof that the Amazons were real.

The Amazons' "true" story--and Diana's history--is threaded along with this modern day hunt. This historical back-story focuses on a group of women, and more specifically on two sisters, whose fight to survive takes us through ancient Athens and to Troy, where the novel reinvents our perspective on the famous Trojan War.

The Lost Sisterhood features another group of iconic, legendary characters, another grand adventure--you'll see in these pages that Fortier understands the kind of audience she has built with Juliet, but also she's delivering a fresh new story to keep that audience coming back for more.

The Belle
The Story. I mean, where do I begin with this?! The story has alternating chapters that take place in present day as well as three thousand years ago where we meet the original Amazon women. You guys! Let me tell you how much I love flashback scenes and chapters taking place in the past...A LOT. I freakin' LOVE them! What I love more is that in present day, Diana is trying to unravel the story of what we get to read about every other chapter or so. Their parallel story lines spanning 3,000 years is brilliant. I don't really know what else to say except the general idea of this story is amazing. More details below to break it up or this paragraph will be 6 pages long.

The Past. The story of the Amazons, their origin, and their journey was just amazing to read about. I knew nothing of Amazon lore going into this and now I want to read ALL the books about this ancient culture...or not so ancient?...Anyways. Myrina is a phenomenal heroine and I loved reading her story. You know what else I loved? The ENTIRE re-creation of the old story of the Trojan War, Paris, King Priam, and those bastards Agamemnon and Menalous. I have a thing for Greek mythology and the story of the Trojan War has always fascinated me. How Anne re-invented the story and gave old characters new roles was AMAZING! As you can see in my notes, I know how the story goes but the fact that the author took an ancient story and twisted it in a way that is also entirely plausible based on historical fact was INCREDIBLE! If you're a history geek like me, you will fully appreciate her take on this. I love that facts were presented in the present day storyline but were twisted in the past that not only held those facts true but brought a whole new twist to the story. The idea that characters (I won't say who) that are famous for part in the Trojan War are pretty non-existent in this story. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Anne's previous novel, Juliet (which is one of my favorite books ever) does the same thing. She takes a story we all "know" or what history tells us to know and turns it on its head that still keeps the same outcome...but with a whole lot of difference in the details. Love this.

The Present. Again. I love how this novel seamlessly weaves the past and present together. Diana's journey mirrors Myrina's (obviously not TOO similar but still) on location and the quest for truth. I loved following Diana's journey on her quest to uncover what actually happened to the Amazon all those years ago. I always love a story about self-discovery and reading about Diana embracing her inner strength and fighting for what she believes and following her heart is wonderful. She is a fantastic character and really grows into who she is since the beginning of the novel.

The Amazons. I am all about female strength and men who love independent-thinking women. What the Amazons stand for might be a little extreme for my taste but the overall sense of sisterhood and independence was inspiring. I love that they rely solely on their own strength to save them and to save others. The history and origins of this group of women is amazingly detailed and rich with emotions, courage, strength, and tragedy. Theirs was not a path of ease and comfort and you love them all the more for it.

The Romance. *sigh* You all know I'm a sucker for the romance! While I cannot give away the object of Myrina's and Diana's affections because it was a surprise for me while reading and I LOVED this aspect just know that both romantic storylines are swoony and romantic and...yeah...that's all I can say...
The Beast
The Length? 608 pages might be daunting to you but trust me, the story flows so well you will want to keep reading to know what happens. We all need a thick book in our lives to tell and unveil a complete story. No trilogies here people. One and done and so worth it.

Should You RSVP To This Ball?
Yes. If you love historical fiction and mysteries of the ancient variety with good characters and a great storyline, this book will make you happy. 


  1. I'm thinking I better read this series! I love historical fiction, but I seem to forget that until I encounter a novel-sounding novel like this one. I'd love to learn more about the Amazons, and it makes me happy that you enjoyed this one a lot :)

  2. WHOA. I have been eyeing this cover (yeah..I judge) and thought I might be interested but YOU HAD ME AT AMAZON WOMEN!! Also, I have been wanting to read Juliet for a very long time, you loved it? I might need to move it up on the TBR!


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