Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beam Me Up--Book Bangin' Sci Fi

Welcome to another Book Bangin'! This month is all about the sci-fiboys! I am so excited to share my favorite swoony boys from some sci-fi action PLUS not one but TWO amazing guys for Hot Man of the Month AND a preview in to a brand new feature I'm doing that debuts tomorrow! Can't wait to see you who your favorite sci-fi boys are!

Book Boyfriends Mentioned

Trevor from Pivot Point (Review) and Split Second (Review)
Wolf from Scarlet (Review)
Thorne from Cress (Review)
Tarver from These Broken Stars (Review)

Hot Men of the Month
Rule Archer from Rule
Alexander from The Bronze Horseman

Who Are YOUR Favorite Sci-Fi Boys?!


  1. Wolf, Thorne, and Tarver - yes yes yes! Love these boys. I haven't read Pivot Point yet but I plan to read the duet back-to-back next week when Split Second comes out!

  2. I put Wolf in my paranormal video, but I think the series as a whole is scifi. I love him so much! And Tarver was on my scifi list this month. He was actually the only scifi guy I came up with...Fail. I think I put most of my scifi guys in dystopian, those genres seem to cross a lot.

    Who is this Alex person??? Clearly I need to drop everything and meet him right now!! *this is not a drill* cracking up right now. But seriously I need to get my hands on this Bronze Horseman book.

  3. Out of your choices for this month's sci-fi theme, I'm pleased that I know three out of the four -- Wolf (LOVE HIM!), Thorne (Love him too, but in a different way!) and Tarver (I love him as well!). I think I need to take the time to meet Trevor this year. Do you think I'd enjoy Pivot Point?

    I also want to read The Bronze Horseman because it sounds FASCINATING.

  4. TREVORRRRR. I can't wait until Split Second comes out because I need it like now. Alsooo I haven't read the rest. :/ I OWN all of them though! I need to get on it, I know!! Secondly, you cracked me up about the Rule cover! I have that one too and been meaning to read it for awhile because helloo, tattoos? yes please! Also, I'm about to go watch your book pushin video but you pretty much sold me on that book right now! Once my book buying ban lifts, I am on that!


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