Saturday, February 1, 2014

Get Real

Real Book Challenge on Swoony Boys Podcast and Fiction Fare

So the FABULOUS ladies over at Fiction Fare and Swoony Boys Podcast came up with this amazing feature for 2014. It is the Real Book Challenge and it is to promote the reading of "real" books. Physical, beautiful, palpable, touchable, lovable, REAL books. Put down the tech, pick up the originals. I have always been an advocate for the real thing over Kindle books. While I LOVE my Kindle while traveling and I've read some amazing books that were only available ebook but given the choice, I'll take a physical copy any day of the week. SO, when I heard that these ladies who I love and adore came up with this I'm all, HELL TO THE YEAH! 

Here's my commitment. I am going to read more than 50 real books this year. That's my goal and I think you all should join and GET REAL. You can sign up anytime throughout the year before Dec 1, 2014. 

You can sign up HERE at Fiction Fare or HERE at Swoony Boys Podcast! 

C'mon people. Let's GET REAL. 

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