Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kelly's Kiss List (1)

Hey y'all! So I've been wanting to add my personality to the mix and start posting things other than book review and book related posts. I LOVE seeing other people's posts about their other interests so I'm joining the club! I wanted to highlight what I've been loving recently in regards to fashion, travel, music, makeup--everything else I love in life! So here is my first ever KISS LIST! I love to love. I love to *muah* things. I love alliteration. Ergo, Kelly's Kiss List. I'm hoping to make this monthly or bi-monthly of things I've been loving. SO, without further ado, below are the things that get my kiss of approval. 


I've become pretty obsessed with makeup recently and I am all over the blogs on makeup trends and product reviews. I have been buying and obsessing over the right brushes, foundations, etc. and these two products I have been obsessing over!

NARS Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz (Sephora)

You guys, this saved my life in Africa. I was living in a tent y'all. Limited indoor plumbing and the process of getting ready/pretty was non-existent. But Lord knows I don't care if I'm in NYC or a deserted island, girlfriend has to put her face on before she leaves the house. I used this everyday and it is so easy and really evened out my skin tone with minimal effort. Slapped this on, added a little powder, swiped some mascara--done. I love this stuff and am now making this my routine for work. I run around all day and refuse to put on a full face of makeup at 5:30 am when I'm gonna sweat it off. This stuff is amazing.

Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette--In The Nude (Sephora)

The picture makes the colors look a little drastic but in real life they are all fantastic neutral shades with a silvery one for nightime dramatic eyes and a deep plum for some variation color. It has the perfect amount of glitter to brighten up an everyday eye into something a little more fun. I use this almost everyday. Perfect combination of natural look with a bit of sass.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue in 'Just Peachy' (Target)

OMG I LOVE this lip balm. Not only is it medication to hydrate your lips, the color pigmentation is AMAZING. It is the right amount of pinkish nude with just a hint of shimmer. I don't need lipstick or gloss or anything else when I wear this.

Maybelline Mineral Powder in 'Nude' (Walmart)

This mineral powder I use to set my tinted moisturizer on work days or days I don't want or need to put a lot of effort into my makeup. It is lightweight, it stays on all day when I'm at work running around and it not only sets my moisturizer/foundation, it brightens up my skin and has a good amount of pigmentation without discoloring my skin. I've tried SO many loose powders and mineralizers and this is the first one I'm really in love with. But sidenote--don't use that brush. It super sucks. It's tight and really dense and I feel like I'm scratching my face and taking offing my foundation or moisturizer when I use it.


As you all know I love to travel...that's an understatement. I have come across a few things that have been vital to my travels. The two things below pretty much saved my life last trip.

Embark Rectangular Pillow (Target)

This pillow. You guys, this pillow pretty much guaranteed proper sleep for me the past 3 weeks. I usually cannot sleep on planes. Every other pillow I've tried sucks and either doesn't support my neck or is super uncomfortable. My mom found this at target and it is THE BEST TRAVEL PILLOW EVER. Not only did I have good sleep while on the ground in Africa, I slept like a freakin' infant on 5 flights and over 60 hours of travel between the flights there and back. I will SWEAR by this pillow. 

Nikon Coolpix L320 (Nikon)

This camera has given me beautiful pictures from around the world. It isn't too big or bulky and it's settings makes it so easy to use. I have phenomenal pictures all because of this camera. My travel friend Rachel got a similar camera after seeing my Europe pictures. I love this little guy and has been priceless in capturing my memories.


Candies Midcalf Moto Boots (Kohl's)

Not to keep bringing up my safari but these boots kicked ass in Africa. They are crazy comfortable and super cute to wear with leggings but especially shorts. Practical above all else really. Even my tour guides were like, 'those boots are really nice.' Hell yes! Africa Approval. AND they fold down for comfort and to help air circulation around the ankles, haha.

Imitation Leather Pants (H&M)

Dude, I have a ridiculous fascination and obsession with leather. I love leather boots, leather coats, leather skirts, leather dresses, LEATHER PANTS however, I freakin' love. They are so sexy and badass that I feel like people should know not to fuck with me when wearing them. I also feel like I would fit in with the O'Kanes when I wear them which I love beyond (see what I did there) words. I love these pants from H&M and they are comfortable and sleek and I love wearing them.


I have a very eclectic musical taste and while I really do enjoy classical music I can't help but be obsessed with these two songs right now! 

Kesha--Thinking Of You (YouTube)

Sorry not sorry. These lyrics are hilarious and I won't lie to you all, when she says 'suck my dick,' its makes me die with laughter. That is a phrase I utter often when I'm pissed about something or mad at somebody. Judge if you want.

Ellie Goulding-Burn (YouTube)

I LOVE this song. It is on repeat constantly in my car. I found it right after I saw Catching Fire and it just reminds me of the theme of the book. It is so powerful and very 'I want to kick some major ass.' I can't get enough of this song.


Philomena (Trailer)

I love international films as well as independent films. Philomena is a movie my mom and I saw and it blew us away. It is a fantastic story about an Irish-Catholic young girl who gets pregnant and whose child is taken away from her without her consent. It is very emotional and quite sad but based on a true story. SO good. I would totally check this out.

Enough Said (Trailer)

This movie is hilarious. If you would have told me I would love a movie about divorced, middle-aged people finding love I would be like uh, yeah ok. But seriously, it is SUCH an adorable film. You root for the characters and it just feels like a real life story. Another weekday movie with my mom :)

That's all I have for now! 
Do you guys have similar loves? 
What are you in love with this month?
Until next time...


  1. I really like the Baby Lips balm too!! I use a plum-y color one whose name I can't remember right now, lol, but I like the subtle color. Also, those boots are SUPER CUTE!! I want them! And I can't wait to see both of those movies. :)

  2. I'm loving the idea of Kelly's Kiss List! It's definitely going to be a fun feature to watch out for on your blog, and I'm excited. That being said, I love Baby Lips lip balm too! Mine's a super bright pink, which is playful and just fun to wear. I love your color though, so I might just have to get one of them for myself. I also want to try the Mineral Powder!

    I love your camera. I need a new one, and while I don't necessarily aspire to be an incredible photographer, I just want to take good pictures!

  3. LOVE these type of posts. Feels like I get to know the bloggers better because as much as we love books, we love other things too. Love the nude makeup and I want to try that shade of baby lips. Looking forward to more posts :)

  4. I love those imitation leather pants! I have a legging with fake leather on the front and it looks so stylish. I can't wait to try those Baby lips, a lot of people are raving about it.

  5. I am also obsessed with leather! I've been wanting a pair of leather pants for forever! I have this super badass leather jacket that would look amazing with a pair of leather pants. I need to go shopping. I will have to look into getting that pillow. I can never sleep on planes either and I don't like neck pillows. They're just not comfortable for me. Love this post!

  6. Your blog ate my comment! Basically.. I also love baby lips lip balm, i love love boots and am slightly obsessed with them and I want to try that tinted moisturizer. :) love the post!

  7. Love those boots!! Whaaat whaaat new feature!

  8. yayyyy for this new feature! i want to check out that nars tinted moisturizer. and love those boots! and OMG ELLIE GOULDING. love her music so much.


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