Monday, March 24, 2014

Fight For Your Rights

"This is why we all fight so hard. 
Not just for the vote, but for an equal opportunity in the world. 
A vote is a voice. 
I think you underestimate yourself, Queenie. This is your fight, same as it is mine."
--Sharon Biggs Waller, A Mad Wicked Folly

Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Pages: 448
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2014
Source: Borrowed from Library
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Goodreads Description

Welcome to the world of the fabulously wealthy in London, 1909, where dresses and houses are overwhelmingly opulent, social class means everything, and women are taught to be nothing more than wives and mothers. Into this world comes seventeen-year-old Victoria Darling, who wants only to be an artist—a nearly impossible dream for a girl.

After Vicky poses nude for her illicit art class, she is expelled from her French finishing school. Shamed and scandalized, her parents try to marry her off to the wealthy Edmund Carrick-Humphrey. But Vicky has other things on her mind: her clandestine application to the Royal College of Art; her participation in the suffragette movement; and her growing attraction to a working-class boy who may be her muse—or may be the love of her life. As the world of debutante balls, corsets, and high society obligations closes in around her, Vicky must figure out: just how much is she willing to sacrifice to pursue her dreams?

Vicky Guuuuuuurl. Y'all know how I love me an independent and fierce female. This girl has it. I LOVE that she is an artist because I personally have never read a historical fiction about a girl wanting to fight the constraints of society to pursue art. LOVED THIS. Her passion in regards to paintings and drawing made me want to visit my city's art museum immediately. I was totally invested in Vicky's story and her dreams to be something.

The Movement Girl power is present throughout this story. The horrors of the struggles that they go through is difficult to read about at times but worth it. I never knew half of this stuff happened. It blew my mind that while women were denied the right to vote due to their fairer genders, they were treated more brutally than their male counterparts. Hypocrisy to the max. Broke my heart how hard these women fought for just basic rights to be EQUAL to the males of society. I have never read a book about this movement before (yes, I am ashamed as a woman) and I was amazed at how much insight I got. It was inspiring what these women did for all future generations of women.

The City I LOVE LONDON. So freakin' much. I love this view of 1910 London and the aristocracy and social norms. The calling cards, the dance partner cards, it is so foreign and it is almost unbelievable that people lived to these societal constraints. I both find it fascinating and odd, but in a good way. I love reading about what was normal at the time and how social calls were performed. Love love love.

The Fashion The clothes. *sigh*. I love me some corsets and gowns and gloves and hats. I salivate just thinking about how intricate and beautiful the dresses of everyday wear were. While I love me some sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, I cannot get enough of reading about the fashion of history. All day. I could read about it all day.

The Boy I think the romance was really well-done. It has that angst and restraint of the times where a glance says it all. I loved seeing the class structure broken down and rebelled against. Will Fletcher (YES THIS WILL LIVES UP TO MY STANDARDS) is amazing. He is honest and has a duty to his city while still being supportive of the suffragette movement. He is intelligent and kind and I loved how he was with Vicky.

The Injustice This is kind of more of a pseudo beast because I felt all of the views presented by the ignorant men in this story was honest...but it didn't make me any less mad. I cannot even imagine the pain and angst these women felt over how poorly they were treated. Makes me majorly rage-y. And stabby. I want to punch somebody.

Yes This is an extremely enjoyable read. I was invested in the characters and their journey. The romance is perfectly placed and didn't overwhelm the story. The message of the content is beautiful as it is tragic. And the heroine is as talented as she is fierce. 


  1. I LOVED this book. I had also never read a book about this time period. Fail. So I was pretty shocked at some of the stuff these women went through as well. It broke my heart how they were treated, but I also had such a deep respect for them. I would never have been brave enough to go through what many of them did. And Will! *swoon* Gosh that boy was perfect. The romance was a total slow-burner and I loved every minute of it.

  2. I spy this book eyeing me from my shelf now after reading your review! It sounds like such an amazing read. I love the setting, the story, the main character just from what you've said about them, and cannot wait to read it.

  3. Definitely into this one. The cover catches my eye at the bookstore all the time but I think it will have to be a borrow. I love London + it would be fun to read a historical fic set there!! Thanks for the solid review!


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