Monday, April 21, 2014

Book Pushin'...The Sea of Tranquility

As I explain in my video below, let's be serious here. If you know me. If you've been on my blog. If you've ever asked me what book to read...You KNOW this book. If you've been to any specific person's blog and you get to know them you know there are certain books you associate with them. For example...

Betty? I think of The Vampire Academy
Hannah? Totally Pride and Prejudice
Cass? The Official Fangirl of Nowhere But Home
Alexa? Lover and Pusher of Chaol Westfall, I mean, Throne of Glass
Me?....Well you can ask any one of these ladies above or anybody that knows me and the answer you will probably get is this book...

The Sea of Tranquility
By Katja Millay

I know that The Bronze Horseman was my "inspiration" for this feature (and I hope people come to also associate me with that book because it's f'ing amazing) because I don't usually push books. But honestly, I've been pushing The Sea of Tranquility to any and everyone I know since I read it. People ask for a book rec? I'm telling them this one. Also, when I read this it was early in my blogging when I had ZERO creativity or thoughts on features. We were lucky I knew how to format a review let alone think about how to spice things up. Ok, now I'm rambling. Without further flailing video that TRIES to convey ALL my love for The Sea of Tranquility...and fail miserably because no amount of intelligent articulation will do this book justice and what it means to me. 

Well...if that wasn't awkward and weird enough for you. I hope you get some idea of how much I love this book and how amazing it is. JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T GET THE MEMO, here's my 10 (ish) word breakdown of the amazing...
Force Fields
Russian Names
Bras on Bathroom Floors
True Stories
Coffee Tables

And just in case that didn't do if for you, Katja Millay, the obvious author of this masterpiece of literature, stopped by to play a little game. We didn't want to do another interview or anything that has been done before SO I decided to be a mean, mean person and make Katja answer these very personal, very hard-hitting, and very difficult questions.

Ok Katja, thank you SO much first and foremost for stopping by the blog and digging deep into your soul and answering these questions! 
So here we go!
Would You Rather?...
(Katja's answers are in pink and italicized below FYI)

Walk in only stilettos for a week OR go on one of Nastya’s death runs? 

Not speak for a month OR have to play Truth or Dare? 
Not speak for a month

Be called distractingly pretty OR sexy as fuck? (I’m sure I know the answer but I couldn’t resist asking) 
Distractingly pretty

Go to a party with Drew OR spend the day antique shopping with Josh OR sitting for a sketch with Clay? 
Antique shopping with Josh

Have the nickname Sunshine OR Nastypants? 

Wear black shit as makeup OR post-workout zero makeup? 
Black shit

Have a coffee table made by Josh OR a sketch drawn by Clay? 
Coffee table

That was fun! Fantastic answers! Ok, now I want to do a little word association. 
Tell me...
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word or phrase?
(Again, Katja's answers are after the -- and in pink)

Coffee Table--Wood

True Story--Drew


General Hospital--College


Voldemort--No nose


Force Field--Josh

(I LOVE this answer!!!)

Ok, those answers are hilarious and I love love LOVE them! Especially that drew was the answer to True Story!

As I've said before, Nastya's nuances and likes and dislikes so closely relate to my own that I have to include the next part. I never thought I would find anyone, real or fictional, who loves cake as much as I did. It is actually a joke in my family how much I love cake. So just for fun, here are my three favorite types of cake...of ALL TIME...

Funfetti...Red Velvet...Tiramisu...drool and drool some more...

And stay tuned the rest of the week for Words Have the Power to Change Us, Lit in Lyrics post with my playlist, a Character Couture for Nastya and Josh, and testimonials from people I have pushed to read this book alread!!

Until then...
Keep Calm
and Read
The Sea of Tranquility
Find on Goodreads
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Check out my blog tour stop from last year here


  1. Okay, I'm going to take this post as an extremely positive omen. I recently purchased The Sea of Tranquility on a whim the other day after suddenly remembering a passage Betty had posted from it on Instagram a few months back. I was struck then by the beautiful lyricism of Millay's work and that was only further reinforced after hearing you read from the book in this video. While I'm a little worried about having my heart broken as more than a few people have warned me that this book is extremely moving, I appreciated your comments regarding the role of the secondary characters. Like you, I think it's a true testament to the author's talent when even the smallest of characters are able to shine in their own right. Character-driven stories make up the bulk of what I read, which is why characterization and development is extremely important to me. Thankfully, it sounds as though The Sea of Tranquility has the potential to become a new favourite :) I can't wait to read it!

    1. OMG I will totally be your positive omen!! I love this book so hard and it is honestly the book I always tell people to read when they do ask for a recommendation. Your heart will be broken...but then in a good way...that's all I can say! You HAVE to keep me posted on all the feels while you read! Thank you so much, your comment is so thoughtful! :)

  2. This post was so much fun!! I have not read the book yet so I can't make all the connections but I am definitely going to I PROMISE. It is high up on my non-ARC TBR :) I'm thinking this summer will be when I read it :) SO glad to hear that it is one of your favorites :) :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I have 4 more for the rest of the week so get ready to be sick of me harping about this book :) I hope you get to it soon and I want to know ALL the feels!! :)

  3. LOL... first of all.... "cake, my mom, and harry potter..."

    Ahhhh I so agree with you on the secondary characters!! In fact, just watching this video proved this point. Many times I won't even be able to recall the names of these characters, but when you mentioned it--- DREW immediately popped into my head before you said it. That doesn't happen all the time!

    I'm also all for underlining and dog earing pages! It's your book and doing that MAKES it your book!! And like you said-- love that someone else will someday pick it up and know what you loved about it.

    I loved the nickname Nastypants. haha For being such a serious book, there was so much humor. The perfect balance of everything.

    It really was an absolutely beautiful book!! I need to reread!!

    1. Haha, it's true!! My trifecta of love is not complicated :) Drew! We totally need a book about Drew! How hot and sarcastic and sassy would that be?! Oooh, the possibilities! You should see my is defaced to the point of epic. You need to reread for sure! It is just as beautiful and painful the second time around :) Love your comment and you <3


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