Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Character Couture--The Sea of Tranquilty

So I love clothes. To an unhealthy amount. I love fashion. Bags. Shoes. Jackets. Boots. Anything and everything having to do with clothes. So I thought it would be fun to include a fashion portion to Book Pushin'! The Sea of Tranquility is the name of this game. I LOVED picking out what I think Nastya would wear. And I couldn't leave Josh out, either! Alright, let's take a peek inside their closets, shall we?

Nastya Daytime

Nastya loves black...we all know this...well you SHOULD know this because you NEED to read this book! Anyways. because I love leather, I like to assume Nastya does, too. It's comfortable. It's sexy. And the most important part about it...it's so totally badass. You see a chick in leather pants or a black leather jacket, you might wanna stay away from her. I love these looks and I think Nastya would totally rock the leather.

Nastya Nightime

We have the timeless and classic LBD (Little Black Dress) for school and scaring off people. The second dress is date night with Josh. I LOVE this dress when I saw it for Nastya because it's black--DUH--but the small floral pattern keeps it feminine and not 100% Nastya badass. 

Nastya Make-Up

While this girl does not have her token red lipstick, I see this as a total win because...well...black shit.

Nastya All The Time

The infamous stilettos. I love heels. I love a girl who loves heels. Nastya rockin these shoes every day made me love her even more. And I know this is totally impractical as a middle class teenager but in my head...Nastya only wears Louboutins...*sigh*...

Josh Daytime

The infamous work boots. I picked these because they weren't 100% ugly but still badass and work approriate. 

Josh Date Night/Sunday Dinners

Swoon. I think Josh would fill this out nicely with a pair of belted khakis...yep...no work books with this attire...just no.

What do you guys think?
Did I do their wardrobes justice?


  1. OMG you totally nailed it with these looks!

    1. I was so nervous this post would suck!! Seriously!


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