Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Literature Will Give You the Best High

Ok, no joke, I was SO excited to do this week's TTT hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I LOVED going Freud on myself and looking at what books helped develop my reading tastes AND what books rekindled my love for certain things I used to love but for some reason had been shying away from recently. This was seriously, SO MUCH FUN! One of my favorite topics to date! Without further ado, here are the books that created my love for...

My Love for Dystopia
I read this book more times than I can count while growing up. I fell in deep, deep love for Jonas and his story. This book and its distortion of a utopia cemented and created  my love for dystopia. This book changed my life as a child and I have a special place in my bookish heart for this book and always will.

My Love for Historical Fiction
Obviously Lois Lowry played a big part in my childhood as well as my adult life in forming my reading tastes. This book is another one I read constantly as a kid. I loved Annemarie's courage and bravery and love for her friend. Her beautiful outlook on people and doing the right thing in a time where fear was running rampant and people lost their ability to be human. I love this book and I know that this is why I love all books dealing with World War II and historical fiction in general.

My Love for Contemporary
Anybody that knows me from when I first started blogging knows I basically steered away from all contemporary. I was sure it just wasn't my thing. Why do I want to read about people not living in an oppressive and dystopian society or fighting some epic battle for survival. Don't worry, I'm kicking myself in the face for those comments, no need to hunt me down for my ignorance, I have seen the light and it was shining out of The Sea of Tranquility. I just...I can't talk about this book enough. My blogging friends know this is MY book in a sense and I will push this on any willing subject that knows how to read. Nastya's story speaks to my soul and there will be yet another post from me about this book coming very soon...because the two I already have obviously are not enough.

My Love for Young Adult
Call me ignorant again, but prior to blogging I never really differentiated between YA and adult fiction. If the book sounded good I read it. I had always been a more adult fiction person when thinking back on it but after The Hunger Games my love for YA was cemented. Katniss and her journey are just too epic and to phenomenal for me to ignore and because of this book I have read SO many amazing stories that I never would have before knowing YA was such a super genre of good books.

My Love for Big Books
Yeah, yeah, I know you're all SICK of hearing about this book from me but sorry not sorry. I know so many bloggers that talk about shying away from longer books because of how many shorter books they could read in the same amount of time. Well, The Bronze Horseman not only rekindled my love for historical fiction AND adult fiction but ALSO big books. I no longer fear big books and now seek them out because of the complete and comprehensive story they can tell. Oh hey, have you read The Bronze Horseman??...Because you totally should. 

My Love for Vampires
Again, if you knew me when I started blogging and pre-blogging I pretty much SHUNNED vampires. I was just so no interested. After Betty basically shoving these down my throat, I finally caved and HOLY CRAP WAS I WRONG! Love vampires. LOVE. My favorite book boyfriend of all time is a vampire! I will put my foot in my mouth again and say I was wrong. These books are freakin' awesome and vampires are hoooooott. Especially of the panty-dropping Russian bastard variety...

My Love for the Fucked Up and Twisted
Dude, I love books that deal with the messed up, fucked up, twisted, unbelievable, and mostly things normal people shouldn't like. Flowers in the Attic did that for me. Incest!? Stuck in an attic by evil grandmother?! Oh my gosh, I love this book and it totally opened up my reading world to things so beyond normal human behavior and I love it.

My Love for Adult Fiction
When I started blogging I went on a YA bender and pretty much only read YA for the longest time. Then I read Me Before You and it reminded my how much I LOVE adult fiction and how much I was missing out on. I don't know why I stopped reading adult because now I've come full circle and have been reading mostly not YA. MBY reminded me how much love I have for this genre and now I cannot get enough!

My Love for the Importance of a Good Book Boyfriend
This is going to come as a massive surprise to you all but I never really paid attention to the swoons or the romance in books prior to reading all this YA in the last 2 years. No, seriously, it wasn't something I really noticed...until Clockwork Angel. HELLOOOOOO, WILL HERONDALE!!!! Now I undestand! I get it! Book boyfriends are freakin' awesome! How was I missing this all this time?! Thank you Will Herondale, while your number 1 spot has been placed elsewhere, I still love you dearly...*sigh*...

My Love for the Sexy Times
Judge however much you like with this pick but prior to reading this book I had NO IDEA books with sexy times like this (or similar to this for the haters) existed. Fifty Shades was the first book I read that went beyond the blackened screen or the chapter break and gave us ALL the details. I'm not entirely sure why there is so much hate for this book nor do I really need anybody to state their case on the matter. I might have a totally different opinion on them if I read them today but whatever. I loved reading them, I couldn't put them down and if all y'all can love and defend Twilight, I can have my Fifty Shades. Apologies if I offend, it is not my intention.

My Love for Reading in General
I mean...c'mon now. Harry Potter and I have a very long relationship. Like many of you, I grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione and their stories and lessons will stay with me for my entire life. These books made me love reading. That's all I can really say. These books changed my life and I owe them more than I can ever repay. All is well. 

Yay for this AMAZING topic! 
What are books that changed your life or gateway'd you into a certain genre?! 


  1. What an amazing list! Number the Stars was such a great book. :) And I totally agree--everyone needs a good book boyfriend.

    My TTT

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the way you did this. Fabulous list. Also, I applaud that you have Fifty Shades on here. I can totally see how it would be a gateway book. Haters back off. :P (Miranda sings reference.)

    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  3. I have a feeling I'm going to see a lot of Number the Stars, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter today, and who can blame you all? I kind of wish this were Top Twenty Tuesday just so I could get ALL of them on there. Hope you have a great day.

  4. oh yeah, The Sea of Tranquility is so brilliant! Just thinking about the last line still gives me chills.

  5. I really want to read The Bronze Horseman, and I think I have had it in my Amazon basket for like 6 months, but I'm just so intimidated by the amount of pages that book has I have never actually ordered it.

  6. LOL... i love the way you broke this down. i think my personal favorite is "My love for the importance of a good book boyfriend" - does this surprise you?? yeah, didn't think so. I need to get on this Bronze Horseman business-- I've seen so many people talk about it and I don't have a clue. Also, after seeing Cassandra Clare books on so many lists, I feel like crap for not putting City of Bones on mine because that was definitely one of the first YA books I read and I devoured them!

  7. Love this list, and so glad I'm not the only one with 50 Shades in there!!

  8. Great TTT!
    I'm so agreeing with you about Me before you, such a great book to me that sadly went under the radar of too many people.
    Also for Hunger Games and Harry Potter, same opinion!

    Fifty shades was also an important book to me (although it didn't make it to my own TTT), I really had a good time reading the first two books, and am postponing the third book to still have something of a sexy series left to read!

  9. I really love that you broke this down by one book per genre / thing you loved! Also, HECK YES to soooo many of the books on this list.


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