Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hey There Good Lookin'

Soooo, I know this was last week's topic but I was in the literal midst of moving across the country (Yay San Diego!!!) so I didn't have time to do it. However, I SOOOO love me a gorgeous cover so I'm cheating and back tracking, hope the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish don't come after me...

The Solo Act...
I love all these covers and they are all either standalones or a single book in a series.

A Mad, Wicked Folly--I love that freaking dress!! And the streets of London!?!?! Can't go wrong.

Crewel--I have a thing for pretty colors in an abstract and chaotic way. This is like perfection and I know there is a face in there but I just don't notice is. It's all pretty psychedelic colors to me.

Tarnish--Love the gem in the middle. The font is perfect and the gold diamonds behind it? Lovely.

The Winner's Curse--The colors, the unique orientation of the title. The angst?! Love love love it all!

These Broken Stars--THAT DRESS??!?!? Are you noticing a theme, yet? I just can't take this cover! That huge dress and the stars in the background, oh my gosh, gorgeous!!!!

Where the Stars Still Shine--Again, the colors, the lights, it's all just beautiful and totally eye-catching to me.

So Far So Good...
The first few books in a series that has yet to be completed. So far the covers are aweseome.

Throne of Glass & Crown of Midnight--I mean, kickass bitch looking like she runs the world...which she does...the colors are amazing, too! Love these!

For Darkness Shows the Star & Across A Star-Swept Sea--The dresses, the background colors, the fonts, it's all amazingly beautiful to me.

Shadow and Bone & Siege and Storm--You all KNOW I love Russia so these spire castles and bitchin font make me drool a little...okay, a lot!

The Whole Package
The entire series get a VIP rating for all the covers being EPIC.

The Bronze Horseman & Tatiana and Alexander & The Summer Garden--I love theses covers SO much because of the emphasis on one different portion of a face for each cover. Amazing!! And the colors complement each other so well, I love looking at these on my shelf

Shatter Me & Unravel Me & Ignite Me--I LOOOOOVE the different themes and seasons around the eyes. The colors complement each other. Beautiful

The Selection & The Elite & The One--These dresses...y'all these dresses and these covers are epic to me. I'm not 100% fond of the girl's face in The Elite but The One totally makes up for it. That dress and hair and make-up and the look on the girl's face. I want to look at these covers all the time

Daughter of Smoke and Bone & Days of Blood and Starlight & Dreams of Gods and Monsters--YOU GUYS!!! THESE ARE MY FAVORITE COVERS OF ALL TIME. Singularly, each one is epic on it's own, together?!?!? Fuggedaboutit. The masks, the makeup, the eyes, the colors, the titles only add to this glory. I would legit not only wall paper my room with these covers but also Laini Taylor's words...SWOON!!!

Hey, Boys...
Uh...because hello, have you seen these guys?!?

Rome & Nash--HI THERE! Hi! Have we met?! I didn't think so, here's my address, see you when you get here.

Lover Avenged & Lover At Last--Have you met the Brotherhood yet?....You need to because these two covers only give you a hint as to the hotness inside. 

Hope y'all were okay with a back track TTT!
What are some of YOUR favorite covers since I missed last week's posts! 


  1. These Broken Stars and Across A Star-Swept Sea made my list last week too. So gorgeous. <3 Also, The Winner's Curse and Where the Stars Still Shine are lovely too.

    I think one of my least favorite trends is showing the guy's face on the cover - I like to leave him up to my imagination. But those two in particular ARE very nice looking. ;)

  2. This was like the best topic ever. The Winner's Curse is stunning! So are the Shatter Me series covers. And These Broken Stars. And A Mad Wicked Folly! Basically all these covers are gorgeous. I hope your move went smoothly and that you're settling into San Diego nicely! :D

  3. I love the Bronze Horseman covers... check out my TTT from last week, i featured The Bronze Horseman, too, but a different cover! I like the covers for TBH that you chose, the the Summer Garden one is a little freaky... like her eyes are greenish yellow... like an animals.. haha http://chapterbreak.net/category/memes/top-ten-tuesdays/

  4. I almost chose A Mad Wicked Folly and The Winner's Curse for my list. I definitely chose A Dream of Gods and Monsters - that whole series is gorgeous. I'm obsessed with the Throne of Glass covers, and I do think the eye covers in the Shatter Me series would make for some cool wall art. Someone should start an Etsy store so we can frame our favorite covers!

  5. Seriously, you picked some really awesome book covers! I'd definitely have quite a few of these on MY walls (and intend to, one day). I think, by far, my favorites are These Broken Stars, the Throne of Glass series, the Shadow and Bone series, and the For Darkness Shows the Stars series.


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