Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let's Hear It For The Girls

We all know how much I love my book boyfriends...that's a pretty obvious statement. I feel like a lot of us love a good swoony boy, a romance to sigh over, a love story to root for. While I do focus a lot on the main heroine in my reviews, good or bad, I feel like a lot of love is lost on recognizing and giving props to the amazing female heroines found in literature.This post is my homage to them. So let's do this.

Let's hear it for the girls.

My main reason for writing this post is to highlight my favorite female characters. I love me a fierce, strong, capable, and intelligent heroine and will always say so in my review. I know I focus a lot on Book Bangin and the swooniest boys around and while a good guy character can make me love a book, the same goes for a fantastic female lead. I just felt like I needed to point out how many strong role models that there are in books. So, here is my special tribute to fierce and fabulous females of the literary world.

Jane Eyre
The original independent woman. She did what she wanted and made no excuses for who she was. 

Katniss Everdeen
This bitch is the ultimate badass. She can hunt, shoot, defend herself, and has a wicked way of being non-chalant about it all. Katniss is approximately a decade younger than me and I look up to her in the book world. She will always be my absolute favorite female character.

Hermione Granger
Intelligent and capable doesn't even scratch the surface on this one. She is running the show and should be Beyonce's inspiration for 'Run the World.'

Calaena Sardothien
She's kicking asses and taking names. Caleana Sardothien doesn't take no shit from nobody. She is an ASSASSIN for crying out loud. Don't mess with this one.

Tatiana Metanova
Selfless to an absolute fault. Her courage and bravery in the face of certain danger is an inspiration to anyone lucky enough to read this book. We could all use a little Tatiana in our lives.

Nastya has something horrific that happens to her (read the book to find out what) and instead of cowering and crying in a corner...this tough bitch fights back. She runs, she works out, she learns how to literally kick your ass. She is not defenseless. She is not weak. She is not a victim. She is so strong and empowering and I just freakin' love her. End of story.

Rose Hathaway
Like Calaena, she is not one to be trifled with. She knows how to kick your ass and will not hesitate to do so. She is fierce yet vulnerable and always one to land on her feet and keep a strong face in the face of overwhelming odds against her.

She doesn't let Z shut her down and she truly sees what is on the inside of people. But even true love won't keep her from doing what is right for herself and her baby. She is a female of worth and will always do what is best for her family. 

I can't even begin to describe what this girl has been though and what she has overcome to succeed. She is passionate and her moral compass always points due north. She does what is right no matter the cost and is an inspiration for always choosing what is right versus what is easy.

The little engine that could. The odds against Elisa were stacked higher than the heavens. Nobody believed in her and she didn't believe in herself most of the time. Her inner strength and growth into the amazing Queen she becomes is as beautiful as it is hard-won.

What do you guys think?
Who are your favorite kickass girls you root for?


  1. I definitely agree with you about a lot of the girls on this list! I haven't read some of the books, but Katniss, Hermoine, Rose, and Kestrel are all badass in my eyes! If you like badass heroines, I would definitely the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Karou and Zuzuanna kick major butt!

  2. Great books! I also like that you describe different ways for a character to be strong--female characters don't have to be Katniss to be great!

  3. Love this post, Kelly! Strong female leads are the best! Elisa and Kestrel and Celaena are some of my favorites!!

    I still need to read the Sea of Tranquility and the Bronze Horseman. And Vampire Academy. Oh, and Harry Potter. *slinks away quietly...*

  4. Of the books I read, I pretty much agree with you 100%. Katniss, Kestrel, Hermione, Celaena and Rose are some of my favorite female leads EVER. Have you read Robin LaFevers His Dark Assassin books? I think you'd like them. Kickass females, swoony men and a bit political!

  5. Jane Eyre is my girl! And I'd add Elizabeth Bennet and also Katsa from Graceling. I 100% agree with Katniss, Hermione, Celaena, Rose and Elisa, I still need to meet the rest on your list :)


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