Monday, June 23, 2014

Talk Dirty To Me

"There are two rules for dating you should never forget.
One, he should be strong enough so you can have sex standing up
and two, never, ever date a guy who could wear your jeans."
--Jen Frederick, Unraveled

Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Publisher: Pear Tree LLC
Pages: 280
Publication Date: January 20th, 2014
Source: Bought
Previous Books in Series: Undeclared and Unspoken (Haven't read them yet)
Goodreads Description

Twenty-five-year-old Sgt. Gray Phillips is at a crossroads in his life: stay in the Marine Corps or get out and learn to be a civilian? He’s got forty-five days of leave to make up his mind but the people in his life aren’t making the decision any easier. His dad wants him to get out; his grandfather wants him to stay in. And his growing feelings for Sam Anderson are wreaking havoc with his heart…and his mind. He believes relationships get ruined when a Marine goes on deployment. So now he’s got an even harder decision to make: take a chance on Sam or leave love behind and give his all to the Marines.

Twenty-two year old Samantha Anderson lost her husband to an IED in Afghanistan just two months after their vows. Two years later, Sam is full of regrets—that she didn’t move with her husband to Alaska; that she allowed her friends to drift away; that she hasn’t taken many chances in life. Now, she’s met Gray and taking a risk on this Marine could be her one opportunity to feel alive and in love again. But how can she risk her heart on another military man who could share the same tragic fate as her husband?


Y'all I have been like a BOSS on these Kindle books I've bought the last week. So I did several mini-reviews from the books I read this week...and by the time this posts it will have been close to a month ago...oh well. 

SO! Unraveled! After a not-so-great encounter with a book I expected to love…and didn’t…I needed to get back into my reading game. I binge read a few amazing books so like I said, mini-reviews it is.

First up, we have Unraveled by Jen Frederick. Estelle recommended this to me after reading it herself because 1. the man is a Marine, she knows I love broken men in the military 2. dirty talk and 3. did I mention he’s in the military? Right. So I read this in a day, go figure, and I loved it! Our two main characters are Gray Phillips and Sam Anderson. Sam’s husband died 2 years ago overseas and was in the Army. She’s still mourning the death of her husband when Gray walks into her life. Let the dirty talk and swooning begin…

You guys! This book is hot with a capital H-O-T. I mean, fanning myself and looking around my empty apartment to see if anybody could tell how affected I was. Gray is…wowza. He knows how to please a lady, that’s for sure. And Sam is just an amazingly complex character. She is a little more than wounded emotionally and just doesn’t know how to move past her husband’s death. And it’s understandable because his parents are a nightmare and everyone around her seems to still refer to her as Will’s wife. Not too helpful in the grieving process.

However, my one issue with her story arc is we learn very early on in the story that after 2 years, Sam still wears her wedding ring…on her left ring finger. I totally felt like Betty and pulled an ‘Uhhh, what?!?’ I get it. Everyone grieves differently but this just seemed way too weird for me. I hate to admit this but I did a total eye roll and felt it was just a bit much in the storyline. It does come into play later but I felt like that piece wasn’t necessary to build up to the climax of Sam letting her guard down for Gray.

I loved how this story’s main focus was on the relationship between Gray and Sam with minimal conflict. What I mean by this is there are so many romance books that throw so much unnecessary melodrama and conflict at the characters in order for them to build trust and work through things and this was not like this. There was one major conflict that was necessary and well-placed and did amazing things to add to the story.

This was the third book in this series with the first two focusing on other characters and I will definitely be reading the other two at some point. Especially because I know how their stories turn out.

Reserved Seating


  1. Do I want to read these???? Will the DIRTY TALK be too much for me?? Too sexy??? hahaha You know I'd have to start with book 1 since I feel weird reading out of order even when it isn't necessary!

  2. Two different people recommended this book to me, and it makes me very happy to hear that the drama is minimal. I'm not always a huge fan of widower stories - and the fact that she's still wearing her ring is really weird to me too - so hopefully I won't get annoyed with her or anything. Great review, K!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you liked this one. I'm sure I told you a few times but I haven't actually commented so here I am! :) I haven't read any NA lately -- Boomerang is coming up soon -- so I'll keep you posted if anything else is super good. :)


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