Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Can You Keep a Secret?

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So, is the point where we all learn each other's dirty secrets and secretly start to side-eye each other?...I hope not because I want to remain friends through all of this. *sigh*...here we go. 

I dog-ear AND write in my books.

Sorry not sorry. There is something extremely gratifying to me about being able to look at a beloved book and be able to quickly find my favorite parts or quotes. I underline my favorite lines and I love being able to find them and re-live my experience of the book. I also write notes...you should see my copies of The Bronze Horseman, The Sea of Tranquility, and Ignite Me...epic doesn't even being to cover it...

I strongly dislike e-books.

I don't like e-books. I love my Paperwhite and Kindle Fire because it bring me amazing review books and e-book only releases but given the choice, physical copy for the ultimate win...every.single.time.

I buy very few books.

Book buying ban? What is that? I pride myself on the collection of books I own and the library I'm building. If I buy a book, it's that good. I rarely...RARELY buy a book blind unless it's a very loved author or comes highly recommended. I'm getting more used to the idea of buying books I haven't read but I want my bookshelf to represent me as a reader so only the best of the best will end up on my shelves.

I liked, maybe even loved, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Side eye me all you want but I will tell you this was my first experience with erotic romance because (facepalm) I didn't know sexy books like this existed. I can't stand Anastasia but Christian Grey is a winner for me. Sorry not fucking sorry. I'd enter that Red Room and be on my knees with one snap of fingers. It's like how you never get over your first love because it was, well, your first? That's Fifty Shades for me.

I've never read Twilight but I still really dislike it.

I'm ready for the fire and pitchforks whenever people. I'll still stand my ground. I watched the first movie. Proceeded to then Wikipedia the rest of the series because I had to know what could possibly happen in this story and I know enough to deduce this isn't a story for my taste. I like my females strong and independent and I understand we all have different personalities but every woman should have self-worth enough not to be co-dependent. Please don't leave mean comments yelling at me either. I don't judge you for liking it, it's just not me. I like Fifty Shades, remember? Who am I to judge?

I judge you if you say you don't read or don't like to read.

I get everyone has their own hobbies and interest but when people giggle at me for how much I like to read (see a discussion post about this here), I can't help but judge them to be a complete idiot. Don't like to read? What is wrong with you? What better things do you have to do? Watch TV? Give me a break. I still can't tolerate the surprise and eyebrow raises that occur when I say I almost all my free time reading. Dost thou judge me for having an intellectual hobby? Fuck right off. 

I trust very few people on book recommendations.

I read many a blogs but there are very few people that when they tell me to read a book I promptly add it to my TBR list. We have such different life experiences it is impossible to really know if somebody will love a book the way you do. With that said, I take a lot of people's opinions into consideration but trust but a handful. 

Books influence and inspire me every single day.

This isn't really a confession because I think a lot of readers are like this. But I can't even tell you how many trips have been inspired by a book I read. The number of times I've visited a place and said the phrase, "Well I read this book about it..." because (duh!) books are inspirational! I got both my sisters on board for a trip to Savannah last summer because I fell in love with Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and HAD to go there! I solidified my pipe dream of going back to Europe after reading Arcadia Awakens. I've always wanted to go to Russia but after The Bronze Horseman it is like a feral desire inside me to get inside that mother f'ing country. I love being molded by what I read and I think I'm a more open-minded and better person because of it.

I get burned out by YA.

I LOVE YA. Love love love. I hardly read any YA before blogging and then there was this whole world of amazing I was missing out on for so long I binge read and binge read to my heart's content. But now? I probably read half and half if not more on the adult or NA side. Granted, the YA I read and love isn't immature or fluff in the least so I feel a little bad saying this but I need to read and relate to adults I'm finding more often than not. I'm NOT putting YA down at all but it gets overwhelming and I found myself reading books that didn't spark my interest because 'everyone else said it was amazing.' That lasted maybe a week and then I was all, forget this I'm reading what I want. Long story short, I'm extremely picky with the YA I pick up.

I read what I want, when I want.

I don't go request crazy on NetGalley and Edelweiss. Never do I ever want to feel like blogging is a 'job.' The conversations about review books people 'have' to read and they can't read books they want because they have too many review books gives me mental anxiety. The books I request for review are books I'm SO EXCITED to read. If I request it, it means I want it badly. I feel bad for people who say things like they can't read a book from their own TBR pile because of all the books they requested. Blogging is my hobby not my job.

I don't borrow out books...ever.

I have gotten in arguments with my friends questioning my trust in them that I won't let them borrow a book. You crazy, fool?! I  have no idea if you'll cherish and take care of this piece of literature as well as I will. I am Four in that I do not trust humans. Don't even ask. I will not let you borrow it. It's called a library. Use it. 

I hope I still have friends after this post...

What are some of YOUR dirty bookish secrets?!
Please share and make me feel less like a pirhana :)


  1. LOL at that last part 'I hope I still have friends after this post..." :) Really straightforward confessions, I love it! Fortunately, I haven't encountered anyone yet who raises their eyebrows at me for reading too much, I don't even know how I'll react when that happens...I'm thinking, not good for them. :) Now I'm curious as to whose recommendations you follow. :)

    My TTT

  2. I'm also not a huge fan of lending my books to anyone, although I do have two exceptions - my mum and my bestie, although I'm still picky with what books I let my bestie borrow. I love her to bits but sometimes things don't come back from her in the condition they were given to her in! If I don't care so much about the book, then I'm more inclined to let her borrow it. I also totally agree re Fifty Shades, I really enjoyed it :) Great post!

    My TTT

  3. LOL. I love your confessions! ;)

    I've never read Fifty Shades but I think I might...with the movie coming out, I'd like to have read the book before seeing it! And, I hate lending out books too. I just look at the empty space where my book used to be and I'm wondering when I'll see it again and in what state LOL.

    But I do love eBooks better than physical ones... I love paperbacks, have tons of them but since I have my Kindle, I just read more easily! And I TOTALLY agree with you, I read when I want and what I want too, when I first started blogging, I got crazy with Netgalley/blog tours etc and I realized that I didn't even want to read these books and it became a burden to read/review so I stopped everything and now I only request books I'm 100% sure I'll read and review. Same for blog tours!

    And, I don't read much YA. I love all genres but I'm super picky with my YA. I hate love triangles and in most YA...there is one, so that's more complicated already lol. I much prefer Adult/Erotica or even NA. :)

    Annnnd...I do admit that I might judge a little when people say that they don't read/hate books etc etc etc. If they don't judge me when I say that I read A LOT, I don't care but, like you said, when they start to laugh at me or saying stupid things, I get a little angry! Ha!

  4. this is great. i love that everyone has different tastes & opinions. like you said you LOVED fifty shades while I refused to read it, but I read the first three twilight books in a weekend...so, it's all relative. i also agree with some other things you said, esp. regarding ebooks & that there are people you implicitly trust when it comes to books. :)


    I'm also super choosy with my book recommendations. That was one of my confessions today!

  6. LOVE this!

    Ok, I used to dog-ear when I was younger, like less than ten, but I can't bring myself to now at all. I crack the spine though, I love cracking spines, and if I can't find a bookmark I'll leave a book open page-down instead of dog-earring. I can't write in books at all. I even struggled to do it with books I was studying for English Lit, and I still struggle with highlighting textbooks, let alone writing in them, but I see the benefits of it, so I'm getting better at it. I just don't think I could write in a novel. It would hurt.

    I don't strongly dislike eBooks, but I strongly prefer physical books if that makes sense? And I do prefer eARCs to physical ARCs (not that I've been privileged enough to receive many yet) because highlighting and notes in eBooks make it easier when it comes time to review. Even though I KNOW this, I still can't write in physical books. Sigh.

    YES! To 50 Shades!! Finally! Another kindred soul. Keep a look out on my blog for a post me and my sister are doing together, she's an interior designer and she's doing a 3D photo-realistic visualisation of the red room for the Sex Me Up readathon starting in July (I've a post on it that went live today too if you want to take part??).

    I have read Twilight, and I did like it. The books are better than the movies. I know we always say that, but I'm being serious. Book-Bella is nowhere near as depressing or needy as movie-Bella. Out of the movies the only one I like is the very last one - great fight scenes and an amazing twist, and vampire-Bella doesn't have a stick up her ass.

    I *try* not to judge non-readers, but I will automatically like someone more if they own a bookcase.

    LOVED this list :)

    My TTT

  7. "I hope to still have friends after this post" hahaha. I can't speak for anyone else but I loved the honesty!! If I didn't read Twilight when I did, I'd probably hate it too. And I buy very few books, and rarely buy books blind. I want my bookshelve to eventually just carry my favorite books - everything else I can get at the library or have on my kindle. Speaking of kindle, I do prefer physical copies over ebooks so I buy ebooks even more seldomly - usually just the kindle daily deals. And I don't take book recommendations very well. I guess I collectively gather opinions and then decide if it is for me. But I do value some opinions over others naturally.


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