Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Character Couture--The Boleyn King Series

Ok, so clearly this edition of Character Couture for The Boleyn King series by Laura S. Andersen is going to be a little more fun than usual for me. Why? Obvi because these women wore gowns every day of the year SO for this post, I had SO MUCH FUN finding high fashion couture evening gowns that I think our characters would wear. This was so freaking awesome and I loved looking at all the fabulous gowns and deciding what I think Minuette and Elizabeth would wear today. I decided to go through the most recent collections of two of my favorite red carpet high fashion designers Diane Von Furstenburg and OF COURSE Marchesa :)


For Minuette I went with stylish yet still simple. She was raised with royalty yet is not of royal blood. This is a tricky place to be as to not dress above your place yet still need to be seen as somebody important.

The black lace dress I chose, mostly, because it was my most favorite dress I came across in Marchesa's most recent lines and it is just so badass that I needed to pick it. It is sexy and fierce just like Minuette...well, more fierce than sexy for her personality but I don't care, she gets to wear the most fabulous dress I found.

The Diane Von Furstenburg maxi dress I can see her wearing for the daytime. It is elegant yet understated. So very Minuette.

I think the royal blue number is PERFECT for Minuette. Again, simple elegance, classy yet eye-catching. Same goes with this nude number. It is just so beautiful but not over the top. I think these dresses are amazing and gorgeous and just the right amount of amazing for somebody of her standing.


For Elizabeth, I definitely let myself go a little more on the wild side. Elizabeth will be Queen, she sets the standard and she is the one in the room that needs to be noticed above anyone. I love this white number because of the gold accents and I think it is totally something a Queen would wear.

The magenta number is pure fun. Risky and trendy, this is totally something a Queen or future Queen could wear and turn heads while doing so.

Hello, ball gown. The royal purple is completely significant of royalty and the second I saw this I knew this would be perfect for a Queen. The dramatic skirt, the form-fitting bodice. It screams regal while still being fashionable.

The blue number? Because every Queen needs a train...I mean, LOOK AT IT! How f'ing amazing is this silhouette?!

What do you guys think?
Do these gowns do these fabulous women justice?

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  1. Fun, fun, fun! I love mixing books and fashion!

  2. I haven't read this series, but I love love love that first black lace dress. Omg so pretty. If only I had an event to wear it to... *sigh*


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