Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Discovery of One of My Favorite Series

San Diego for the absolute win when it comes to author events. Fierce Reads Tour. Mary Pearson. Jojo Moyes. Deborah Harkness. Erin Lindsay McCabe in September. I mean, seriously. So this is a short recap of fun facts from the Deborah Harkness signing at Warwick's Books...

Fun Facts About Deborah Harkness and the All Souls Trilogy...

Her favorite character to write is Gallowglass because he always makes her laugh (me, too!)...with Miriam a close second (LOVE Miriam).

There is a chance these characters' stories will continue because she said she has a lot of stories to tell but needs to take a breather for a little while.

Deborah Harkness actually found a 'lost' manuscript herself at the Bodlein library that she had been searching for for years! What's that they say when life imitates art?...

She fell in love with Elizabethan England as a child while on vacation with her family.
I feel that! I fell in love with Tudor England myself after seeing The Other Boleyn Girl :)

Some characters ended up playing a much larger role in the plot than she thought they ever would, like Hamish and Gallowglass.
I was shocked by this! Gallowglass wasn't supposed to have a big part...what?! So happy it turned out the way it did.

Her favorite book of the series is Shadow of Night.

I LOVED going to this event! It was so much fun, Deborah Harkness is so witty and funny and just NICE. She took a lot of time with every person that came up to have their book signed and it was so nice to see her taking the time to talk to each person. It meant for a long wait but hey, she remember my tweet from earlier in the day and told me to give her a hug when I told her that was me. It was a pretty great moment. And I told her I was still on the lookout for my Matthew or somebody to call me mon coeur...le sigh...


  1. She is amazing! My favorite series EVER! Just saw her in Milwaukee for the 2nd time. She even stayed late and had a 15 minute conversation with my book club. She is so wonderful!

  2. It sounds like you had an amazing time at the event, K! I still haven't read these books, but it looks like I just might have to... Because you said so ;)


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