Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kiss List--July 2014

So it's been awhile since I did one of these and I decided to tweek what I initially wanted to do with this feature. I LOVE looking at people's monthly recaps and I can see how much time and effort everyone puts into them. So instead of a monthly recap just about the blog, I'll combine a monthly recap and include some book topics AND my 'Kiss List' of my favorite things in makeup and fashion and music the past month. Let me know what you guys think and if you like this kind of recap! :)


Origins Active Charcoal Mask (Sephora)--I love this mask! I use it once a week when I feel like my face needs a good deep cleaning or I've been noticing a few blemishes. It leaves my skin feeling completely fresh and clean. It also is an inexpensive alternative to the ever-amazing Glam Glow products because those masks retail at $69 and I feel the same results from this and it's almost a third of the price. $25

Cover Girl TruBlend Loose Mineral Powder (Target)--You guys! They discontinued my Maybelline Mineral Powder I talked about a few months ago. Gah! So I'm all pissed off at Target and was all, fine I'll try this one and I LOVE this! It gives me just the same amount of coverage as Maybelline and it feels super light and sets my tinted moisturizer. I was pissed off but it ended up turning out to be a really good thing! Yay! $8


High-Waisted Shorts (Urban Outfitters)--So the ones I want to feature I got from Urban on sale for legit 20 bucks but I couldn't find them online SO that's what the look like. Not gonna lie, I love this trend along with a good crop top. Sorry not sorry. You have to be careful because they can totally give you an unflattering representation of your ass but the right ones will look hot. Very retro. Totally classic. $20

Big Floppy Hat (Target)--I recently went to the opening day of the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego and it was TOTALLY the excuse to buy one of these amazing big hats. I have ALWAYS wanted an excuse to wear one with a cute dress and this was it. Totally loving this look. I need to go back just to wear this hat again. But I could also wear it to the beach so there's that. $14.99

Front Zip Tank (Express)--I don't know what it is about this tank but I love it. I legit have it in 4 different colors. It is comfy and cute and can be dressed up or down. I wear this out doing errands and I've worn it on dates. I love love love this tank. $39.90

Thanks to reading Open Road Summer I've had Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood on repeat since. The fun and catchy lyrics and the up with girlfriends and down with boys who treat you right but also swooning for a romance is stealing my summer heart. Can't get enough of rolling down my windows and jamming to these songs!

Here are my favorite books I've read this month and my VIP reviews along with some other fun bookish posts :)

Favorite Books I Read This Month

VIP Reviews

Other Bookish Posts
Book Pushin' The Boleyn King Series--Where I push and flail over one of my favorite series EVER!
Jojo Moyes Signing--That time I met one of my favorite authors OF ALL TIME!
Make it Fierce--Where I openly confess some of my shaming bookish confessions...

What are you favorite things of the past month?


  1. I love using that charcoal mask from Origins! I've used both that one and GlamGlow and I like the Origins better by far.

    Love that the All Souls Trilogy made it into your monthly favorites! After meeting Deborah Harkness tonight, I want to re-read the entire trilogy...AGAIN!

  2. I need to try that Origins mask! I actually think I might have a sample from a friend. Also - Heir of Fire and The Perilous Sea !!!!!!!!!! SO FREAKING GOOD!


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