Monday, September 1, 2014

The Tribe Has Spoken

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Summer is coming to a close...wah!! But in order to help suffer through this misery let's talk about book boyfriends. Obvi. This month I break down which boys I would love to be stuck on a deserted island with...all of them? Talk about Bachelorette in Paradise. Anywho. Let's do this.

Book Boyfriends Mentioned
Hector from Crown of Embers
Tarver from These Broken Dreams
Dominic from The Boleyn King
Dimitri from Vampire Academy
Alexander from The Bronze Horseman

Hot Men of the Month
Jericho Barrons from The Fever Series
Soren from The Original Sinners

Who have been heating up your pages this month?
And which boys are climbing trees to chop down coconuts for you?


  1. Hahah, I tried to go with resourceful but after my first I went with "hanging out with me on the beach yesss". I've got to read the fire and thorns series! i have all of them too! I said Dimitri too! sunbathing with Dimitri -- YES PLEASE. okay omg I need to get on reading tatiana and alexander! Okay, so I saw you talking about hte fever series on twitter and got the first so yay i'm excited to start it! seirously so many people have read that series. i'm totally intrigued by the original sinners series -- especially bc you love it so much!! I'm gonna have to check it out!! i'll let you know when I do. :)

    -Wendy @ Book Scents

  2. I demand to know why Rowan is not on this list. Or Chaol. Because those two would be good on an island with you, and you know it ;) But awesome choices, really! I'm especially happy Hector is on there because he's the best <3

  3. I did some resourceful guys and then some just because they're freaking hot. Lol. Tarver made my list though. He is so swoony and would definitely be able to help me survive for a long time on this island. And let's be honest, we're going to be there a while because like you I would be sabotaging any rescue attempts... Hector!! I can't believe I forgot about him. I totally need him on my island.

    P.S. Sorry my book bangin' was so late this month! But better late than never right? :)


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