Friday, September 12, 2014

Three's Company

"'I'm in my underwear.'
'And your nose is broken. Does it look like I give a fuck?'"
--Karina Halle, Bold Tricks

Genre: Adult Contemporary
Publisher: Forever
Pages: 226
Publication Date: October 15th, 2013
Source: Bought
Previous Books in Series: Sins and Needles & On Every Street & Shooting Scars

Goodreads Description

With more lives at stake and games in motion, Ellie, Camden and Javier form an uneasy alliance that will take them from the treacherous streets of inner-city Mexico to the wilds of the Honduran jungles in order to find their freedom. But with liberty just on the horizon, the cost might come at their own redemption.


Wow. I mean…wow. After finishing Shooting Scars and having our trio of destruction all together in the same place…I was ready for fireworks of all kinds of variety. This book will mind fuck the shit out of you because you have NO idea what is going on or what will happen in a good way! The twists and turns of this story and meeting a few characters that will become relevant in the spin-off was SO amazing.

The emotions are high and I could just feel Ellie’s desire to be forgiven and to move on. It was palpable and all consuming. It was perfection. Her and Camden…wow. They are so visceral and emotional and just GAH OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM SO HARD! And I found is so amusing when Javier would call Camden her ‘ape.’ All I picture in my head is 6 feet of muscle and tattoos…if that makes an ape then get me a cab to the zoo. Holla!

The plot and drama are high stakes and the trek into the jungle and EVERYTHING that happens afterwards is just incredible. I keep replaying how it all plays out and I just wanna jaw drop. It’s intense. It’s bloody. It’s brutal. It is down and dirty in the mothe f’ing jungle.

Anyways. I loved where the story went and how the plot develops and concludes. I feel like so much was learned and resolved and it was a beautiful ending for these characters…and quite the beginning for another…bring on Dirty Angels *wink*

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  1. ahahaha I just love this review. You crack me up and say what many of us are thinking while reading! I am excited to read this. I will get to it eventually and I am sure I will love it and you bet I will be tweeting you about it ;)


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