Thursday, October 30, 2014

Au Revoir October--Monthly Recap

It's almost November...holy crap is it really already November???....2015 is so close...weird...Anyways.

Favorite Books I've Read This Month

VIP Reviews

My Bookish Life

Books Can Take You Places--Where I talk about the books that inspired me to travel

Other Bookish Posts
And They Lived Happily Ever After...RIGHT?!--Where I talk about the books that left my chest hurting in angst and anticipation
Let Me Love You--Where I flail and obsess over my FAVORITE kind of book boyfriend of all time!!!
My Life in Books--I need to get better at these by my most recent book haul is here 

Bookish Excitement
Coming Soon...--Hannah and I are excited to announce we are doing a re-read challenge next year!! I'm so freaking excited about this and details are to come but mark your calendars and get those favorite books ready!

My Current Obsessions

Draft Day and All Things Football
My parents came to visit me recently and it was an amazing weekend that was filled with LOTS of football! Loved every second of it. We stayed in a night and rented Draft Day and it was the perfect movie for me and my parents. We are a huge football family and this movie was just epic. It actually led to a lot of discussion about the league and players and previous drafts. 

My dad's favorite team of all time since forever has been the San Diego Charges. My dad has also hasn't left the state of Wisconsin in well over a decade and hasn't taken a vacation in even longer so OBVIOUSLY I had to take him to a game. Our seats were amazing and it was one of the best days ever. What was NOT awesome was the awful Notre Dame loss the day before...le sigh...Sidenote: That pic from our seats is not zoomed, we were really that close :)

Playing Tour Guide
I LOVED having my parents visit and taking them around San Diego. They rarely treat themselves to things like vacations so it was such an great time to show them around and take them to fun places. My dad has never seen the ocean so a hike around Torrey Pines State Park dropped us off right at the beach. It was a beautiful and amazing experience to share with my dad

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  1. I love that your parents were able to visit you in San Diego, and that you all had such an epic time together! Plus, knowing that you enjoyed rereading The Bone Season and loved The Mime Order? Makes me ever so eager to read it!


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