Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Books Can Take You Places

Yeah...so there's gonna be more than 10 today...oops. This week's topic hosted by The Broke and the Bookish are the books that made you want to travel. A LOT of my travel destinations, ok let's be honest here MOST if not ALL, of my travel adventures are inspired by the books I read. Books give me a mad case of wanderlust and I've coerced, begged, persuaded friends and family members to agree to certain destinations because of books I've read. "Oh what made you wanna go there?...."Well, I read this book..." Obviously I was SO excited to share the books that have inspired me and my adventures. I have been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of my book-inspired destinations and decided to also share a few of my pics! Without further ado...let's go!

The Bronze Horseman--->Russia

This is my legit number one travel destination. I have wanted to go to Russia since being obsessed with Anastasia as a kid and then the Vampire Academy happened....AND THEN THE BRONZE FUCKING HORSEMAN...and multiple other books about Russia. I will go to Russia...I will. 

Arcadia Awakens--->Sicily

Well, I've wanted to go so Sicily since birth because it's where my family is from but this book pushed me to actually make a commitment to go. And this series kicks ass so that always helps.

The Other Boleyn Girl and The White Queen--London (The Tower, Hampton Court Palace)

I love London. It is my second favorite city in the entire world. I love all of it's history. I know more about English history than I do American...sad but true. SO many books inspired me to go and I honestly can't remember the first book I read or what it is that makes me obsessed with this city and it's history...it just is. 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone--->Prague

The cobblestone streets, the magic, it's all there in Prague...and a ridiculously cool history of sex toys museum...no joke. The hours I spent there is almost embarrassing. 

Pretty sure Siena is one of the most romantic cities I can imagine after reading this book and will be on my honeymoon destination list...yes, there's a small list not just one place. Do we expect anything else from me?

Ok, again, I read this after I'd already been to Ireland but OH MY GOSH I WANT TO GO BACK RIGHT NOW! I looooooved Ireland and can't wait to go back!! 

City of Falling Angels--->Venice

Oh my gosh!!! I love John Berendt! His books make you want to pack your bags immediately and go wherever his books take place. Another one is listed below and he makes you FEEL the city. Venice is alive and palpable and this book makes you feel like you're living in the city as well.

Romeo and Juliet--->Verona
Because I'm obsessed with this play and while this balcony is manmade, it is still representative of the infamous scene...le sigh...Oh and there's the letter I wrote to Juliet :)

In The Garden of Beasts--->Berlin

This non-fiction book about the US ambassador during the 1930s is brilliant in foresight and makes Berlin a city of excitement and it truly is incredible today. There is so much to do and see and it is an amazing city.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil--->Savannah

I made my sisters and I take a trip to Savannah specifically because I read this book. Legit. I'd get people asking me, how did you decide on Savannah? Uh, because I read a book that takes place there. Seriously though. The descriptions of the squares, the Mercer house (pictured above), you see and feel it all. You want to slow down and drink something cold on one of  these epic porches. It is beautiful (but hot as all hell). That's the real Mercer house with me reading the book in front of it. Love this pic :)

The Fault in Our Stars--->Amsterdam

I'm gonna tell y'all a story about how and why I truly believe in book karma. So I read TFioS...LOVED IT. So when I went to Amseterdam I told myself I wanted to buy my copy of it in Amsterdam--obvious, right? What better place to buy this book? So I go to a bookstore in Amsterdam and ask the guy at the desk where an English version of The Fault In Our Stars would be...and he tells me the book isn't out yet in their country, it doesn't come out until next month...oh my gosh, my heart dropped. I was so heartbroken. I was looking forward all trip to this! Dejected, I started browsing around looking for something to buy...and there...just sitting on a low shelf in front of row of bookshelves was THE BOOK. The Fault In Our Stars...in English...in cellophane wrap...just sitting there. I thought I was on candid camera. I looked around. Picked up the book. And ran like hell to the register. I was waiting for an alarm to go off, like NOPE not out yet, CAN'T BUY...but nothing happened. OMG I FOUND THE BOOK WHEN IT WASN'T EVEN OUT YET! WHAT?! Now tell me you don't believe in book karma :)

Memoirs of a Geisha--->Japan

I am obsessed with the idea of geisha and their culture. This book is so phenomenal and I NEED to go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms and the old houses and temples and sigh....I just need to.

The Winter Rose--->Kenya

I've already been to Kenya before I read this but OMG this book make me want to go back! It is all colors and animals and adventure. I love Africa and cannot wait to go back especially after reading this book. 

Julius Caesar--->Rome

Because who doesn't want to reenact the stabbing of Julius Caesar in the Roman Forum?...That's that I thought. Even though TECHNICALLY he wasn't actually stabbed there, in the play he was so that's what we go with. Obsessed with Rome...OBSESSED. It is my favorite city in the entire world. Hands down, I'd more there if I could. 

The Lost Girls--->Peru, Brazil, Southeast Asia

I JUST read this book and I loved the beginning because I'm going to Peru and Brazil next month (!!!!!!) BUT it also really made me want to go to Vietnam and Bali. Southeast Asia sounds incredible and I need to add this to my top 5 destinations. 


Harry Potter--->Hogwarts

Thank you Warner Bros. Studios for allowing me my most epic travel destination ever...you brought me to Hogwarts, about to enter the Great Hall. I can die happier. 

What are YOUR favorite books that inspire you to travel? 
Should I add anywhere to my list?
OH and if you're looking for a few fictional lands I'd like to travel to, check out my Out of This World Discussion Post!


  1. You and I share many of the same books and locations! Wow. Like minds!
    MY TTT book locations

  2. Such a great list and some of those places are just WOW!! Only Hogwarts made my list though!!
    My TTT

  3. Don't mind the trail of DROOOOL that I've left behind on your blog. Once I saw that you did this week's TTT I knew a) it was going to be the best ever and b) that I would have all the envy because of your beautiful travel pics. YEP THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED.

    I didn't know Daughter of Smoke & Bone was set in Prague! Want to get to that even sooner! ALSO legit chills reading your TFIOS story! I read some of Lost Girls years and years ago and then I put it down for something else, with full intentions of returning to it, and then I didn't. Now I have this desire to get back into it!

  4. Ahh yes!! I would love to travel the whole world!

  5. YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN TO SO MANY PLACES! I've been to London, Rome, Savannah and Venice on this list and I loved them all. But I am dying to go to Prague and Russia and Kenya and Ireland (and Hogwarts) Basically I want to see the world and I love books set in vivid places - they make me want to travel even MORE! Great list and pictures!!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  6. My family is from Sicily too! How cool! I also want to visit London because of The Other Boleyn Girl. Great list!
    Check out my Top 10

  7. I knew you'd have the bestest best list because of all your travels!! i've been swooning over your list for the last five minutes, and now I want to go to all the places haha.

    I have always wanted to go to Russia. I just think there is something about there culture and history that is so amazing and interesting. Sadly, I will probably travel there alone because Nick is not as 'adventerous' (we will say haha) as me and is always veto-ing my fav places to travel because he finds something 'dangerous' about them haha. Chicken. Sicily (and all of Italy actually) just sounds amazing. And it's beautiful! AND LONDON! AND PRAGUE! AND IRELAND! I think your post just gave ME wanderlust and I'm the definition of a homebody haha.

    I love that you included pictures of yourself in those places!! Awesome list Kelly!!

  8. I loved getting a peek at your travels and was not surprised as you are so well traveled! so many of these are either places I also want to travel to, or have gone myself because of books. I've been to London (The Tower and Hampton Court Palace, too!), Siena, Ireland, Venice, Verona, Berlin, and Rome. I'm also DYING to go to Russia. Everybody else I know thinks I'm crazy but I seriously can't wait for the day I can go. I also really really really want to go to Africa!

    This was so fun! Thanks for sharing your travels Kelly.


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