Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let Me Love You

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Heeeeey! Welcome to my favorite month EVER for Book Bangin'...THE TORTURED SOUL! Most people that know me know I LOVE a broken man...I don't really know what to say about that except it's my MO when reading. Sorry not sorry. Can't wait to see you who all pick! I hope I get some great recs out of it!! 

Book Boyfriends Mentioned

Hot Man of the Month
Cole from Riding Dirty

Who are YOUR favorite tortured souls?!


  1. JOSH <333 One of the best. I was thinking about SoT the other day and I just really fucking need another book with him. I just do. It's one of those books that has lingered far beyond the standard time for even books I LOVE do because THOSE CHARACTERS and that writing. Josh was just written so perfectly. Thanks for my dose of hottness for the day.

  2. Ha, there is no other way mention Josh without the fucking Bennett in there. I just did that yesterday!
    I love Julian, Nash and Warner too!

  3. I am a sucker for the tortured soul characters too! I freaking love Barrons (you know that)! He's more than a little tortured. Even though my next pick is a girl, she's one of the best tortured souls ever...and that is Senna from Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher.

    Oh and I love Nicholas from Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway too!

  4. Lol! Why do I never know the books you're talking about?! The only name I recognized was Warner from Shatter me. I love the tortured soul. I'm always rooting for them. As long as they are really tortured souls and not just whiny complainers. I really just want to hug the tortured souls and let them know everything will be alright.

  5. I already told you this, but the moment I saw this month's category, I totally called Z being on the list. I mean, he's totally your hellren after all ;)

  6. I am SO behind on doing my book bangin' this month! Was in vegas for the weekend and hten started a new job and that has commandeered all my time! but i'm totally doing it late. because i love those tortured souls!! Anyway, i really want to read making faces. I've heard so many people loving that one! and i think i need riding dirty. i'm a sucker for hot men but really, who isn't.

    Anyway, you so need to check out the hard ink series by laura kaye! i mentioned that earlier on twitter (last week?) but seriously, the lastest novella had me tearing up, my heart just wanted to envelop this guy. i was not expecting to cry at all!


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