Friday, October 3, 2014

So Long September--Monthly Recap

So I finally caved and decided just to do a monthly wrap up and reserve my Kiss List for every season. It just got to be too much every month and hey, these months fly by and I don't shop THAT much to have new stuff I'm loving so I'm going to start doing a monthly recap of my fav books, VIP reviews, and bookish or other fun events I've gone to...Let's do this!

Favorite Books I've Read This Month case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty much beyond OBSESSED with this book series. Not for the faint of heart but check it out for the love of Soren if you're into this genre.

VIP Reviews

Bookish Life
I had the amazing opportunity to go to Erin Lindsay McCabe's book signing in La Jolla and I was so excited I finally go to meet her!! It was a great event save for a few seriously, people are freaks.

Other Bookish Posts
What To Do When The End Is Here--Where I talk about series finales and expectations
The Middle Man Syndrome--Where I angst about the difficulty of writing reviews for middle books in series
I Shall Time Travel For You--Where I recap out AMAZING Twitter chat all about historical fiction
My Life in Books--I need to get better at these by my most recent book haul is here 

My Current Obsessions
The Good Lie--I saw this movie at the San Diego Film Festival and OH MY GOSH you guys, it is brilliant. So moving and inspirational that I'm pretty sure I want to go work for the UN immediately. How can I make this happen? This film is the reason I love independent film making because of the heart behind it's message. I urge you all to see it if you get the chance, it will open your eyes to so much.

OH and the two main actors were there!! They did a Q&A after the screening which was so freaking cool!

Historical Fiction--Like, duh. But seriously, it is ALL I want to read lately! I find myself only wanting to read and learn and be immersed in another time period...ALL THE TIME! 


  1. I cannot wait to see The Good Life! It looks great :) Looks like you have had a fun month!!

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  2. Book signings! Sorry there were some weird folks though (there always seems to be at least one, doesn't there?).

    I hadn't heard of The Good Lie, but I'll look for that movie now.

    Hope you have a lovely October :D

  3. SERIOUSLY. Ill never be as jealous as the past month. JOJO AND ERIN. just stop. YOU SLAY ME WOMAN. Also, have you already read The Ship of Brides?? IM SO EXCITED FOR THAT ONE <333 Now, off to watch your My Life in Books. XOXOXOXOOX <3

  4. I think it's awesome that you met Erin in person! She seems like such a sweetheart, and I really enjoyed I Shall Be Near To You too :) Looks like September was a pretty great month! Here's to hoping October is even MORE wonderful.


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