Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fairest Blog Tour: Who's My Lunar BFF?

Hey guys!! Welcome to my stop on the Lunar Chronicles Blog Tour! We are here to FREAK OUT and FLAIL about all things Lunar Chronicles but ESPECIALLY the newest installment to the series...FAIREST! Can I use any more capital letters?...seriously? But for real, I'm super excited to be a part of this tour. I love these books and I cannot wait to read Fairest and Winter when it comes out! I cannot wait to get behind the mind of Queen Levana, I have a feeling we'll never look at her the same way again. SO, to kick off my stop of the tour, I want to talk about who my favorite character is from the series and why I want them to be my BFF.

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Who Is My Lunar Chronicles BFF?
It has to be Scarlet. 
Why? I'll tell you :)

Her Tenacity
Scarlet lives with her grandmother and loves her more than anything. The lengths she goes to in order to find out what happens to her is kick-friggin-ass. She never gives up. She fights even when people urge her against it. She teams up with somebody dangerous in order to figure out what is going on with her family. Never gives up, never surrenders.

She Is A Beauty Who Has Her Beast
Y'all know how much I LOVE Beauty and the Beast and Scarlet is definitely a beauty and in Wolf, she found her beast. Their relationship is witty, forbidden, and against all odds. Basically my favorite kind. I love that he fights against loving her and she fights right back to prove that he does. She doesn't give up on those that she loves...ever. Their romance is swoony and instinctual and the lengths they go for one another melts my heart. I cannot say enough about them because I seriously love them so hard. They are my favorite couple. 

Her Fashion Sense
Bitch can rock a cape better than anyone. I've been saying this for years, I want a cape. I want a cape. I want a cape. But seriously, I love her sense of fashion, solely for that cape. Not easy to pull off and combine that with her sexy red hair. Done. I wanna be in her closet. And BFFs share their that cape is basically mine. 

She Is A Fighter
Scarlet fights for her Grandmother. She fights for Wolf. She fights for herself. This bitch is not one to mess with and I love her more for it. While I love all the other characters in this series, Scarlet is the one I want on my side as my BFF. Her loyalty is unrivaled and she is kind as well as fierce.

So! There you have it! Scarlet is my Lunar literary BFF in my head and I hope you love her, too!
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  1. Can I just be best friends with all of them? I love Scarlet's tenacity and I would go to great lengths for my grandmother but I am such a introverted nerd like Cress. And I think Cinder is awesome. OMG and IKO! Fortunately when I marry Thorne (in my hypothetical world) I will be part of the crew ;)

  2. I read the first two but never got round to the rest :( I really think I should as the hype for them is building up again!

  3. Just wanted to say that, were we characters in this series, you would be Scarlet and I would be Cress. We can still be friends, right? Anyway. I'm equally excited about Fairest, and cannot wait to find out Levana's story!


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