Friday, January 30, 2015

I've Got A Crush On You

Graphic design by Book Rock Betty
I'm back!!! I'm so sorry for being absent the last two months because of moving and traveling (I know, play the world's tiniest violin for me) so the blog took a backseat in November and December. Apologies but I'm super excited to be back talking about the ORIGINAL book boyfriends aka crushes we had growing up!

NO, your computer is not screwed up my video cut off and I have zero desire or time to re-film it SO Bran from Son of Shadows, hubba hubba hottie. Tattooed face. Badass mother fucker. Done.

Book Boyfriends Mentioned
Jonas from The Giver
Peter form Narnia
Ender from Ender's Game
Harry from Harry Potter

Hot Men of the Month
Leon from Birthmarked
Bran from Son of Shadows


  1. Great theme, Kelly. I am such a fan of Peter! I agree that he was very well cast in the movies. As for Harry Potter, I was always a big fan of Fred and George! I loved them. Also, I clearly need to start reading Juliet Marillier's books!

  2. I totally support your crush on Peter from Narnia, because he's such an admirable older sibling AND he's a king so... And I really need to read Son of Shadows. Seriously.


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