Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Challenge Checkup

First month of the year and I've met my re-read goal thus far! I decided to combine my Re-Read, Flights of Fantasy AND Real Books challenges together in one post to make things more concise and not to bore you with three different posts when a lot of the books overlap which AWESOME! I can't wait to read a book that counts for all three, woot woot! So I met my bare minimum this month and re-read 3 books! The Birthmarked series by Caragh O'Brien has been on my list to re-read for some time and I am HAPPY to announce I LOVED it just as much the second time around. Gaia and Leon steal my heart every time. My heart continued to race even though I knew what was going to happen...crazy, right!?

January Re-Reads--3 Books

Re-Read Posts

Don't forget to add your link and tell us what books you re-read this month!!

Because I'm kind of in love with the Sevenwaters series I have been pretty boss on my Fantasy books this month! And I've gotten quite a few good recs from Alexa for the rest of the year so I'm excited! Here's what I read this month!

January Fantasy Books--4 Books

Aaaand because I love this challenge so much and I really try to read only physical books unless they are review copies or only available e-book almost EVERY book I read in January was a 'Real' book....yay!!

January 'Real' Books--12 Books


  1. You're totally owning me on the Flights of Fantasy challenge! I've only read ONE fantasy book this year; meep. Well, then again, I know we're binging a series together at some point... Right? Yay for reaching goals!

  2. I kinda failed at rereading this month. I'm halfway thru HP1! (LOVING the reread so far though). And yeesh, I've only read 1 fantasy this year so far! gotta get my butt in gear!


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