Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Challenge Check-Up

Y'all I was like a BOSS on my re-reads this month!! I read SO many amazing books that I loved even more the second time around AND I found myself loving a few books I felt just okay about before! Best thing ever!! How did you guys do this month!?

February Re-Reads--8 Books

Re-Read Posts
*All others coming soon :)

Don't forget to add your link and tell us what books you re-read this month!!

Fantasy lacked this month for me for some reason! Hoping to get back into it next month!! I will say though that re-reading Kiss of Deception and Heart of Betrayal were EPIC fantasy choices!

January Fantasy Books--2 Books

Loooooove my real books y'all!!!!!!

January 'Real' Books--12 Books


  1. So basically you're a rock star! I need to step up my reading game, period. I just don't have enough tiiime. Hopefully March will be better for me!

  2. Geez, Kel, you are seriously KILLING IT at these challenges! How in the world do you manage to read all of the books for all of the challenges? *bows down to your greatness*


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