Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Make Me Your Queen

Graphic created by Book Rock Betty
It's all about the crown on this month's Book Bangin' post...well, mostly. While my initial thought was to do just royalty...but then I discovered this thing called historical romance and Scottish lairds and to avoid having a record 4 Hot Men of the Month I tweaked it to nobility. Enjoy!

Book Boyfriends Mentioned
Dorian from Throne of Glass
Rafe from The Kiss of Deception
The Kiss of Deception Review
Tamlin from A Court of Thorns and Roses
Nikolai from Shadow and Bone
Shadow and Bone Review
Siege and Storm Review
Ruin and Rising Review
Maxon from The Selection
Magnus from Falling Kingdoms
Iain from The Secret by Julie Garwood
Brodick from Ransom by Julie Garwood
Anluan from Heart's Blood by Juliet Marillier

Hot Man of the Month
Liam from American Savages


  1. This video is everything! Love all of your fangirling!!! SO many swoony book boyfriends!

  2. I should have jumped in for this Book Bangin' topic because I have so many nobles among my book boyfriends! I can't even list them all for you - that tells you how bad my historical romance habit is ;) LOVE THIS TOPIC! And happy to help broaden the scope of this topic ;)

    (I was totally nodding along to your descriptions of Iain and Brodick. MY LOVES <3)

  3. I haven't filmed my video yet!! I'm sick and lost my voice. BOOO. Soon. It is coming soon.

    Anyway, UMM I need to get in on this historical romance train. I will be the caboose behind your caboose (? huh that sounds weird but whatevs, you get the idea) because I haven't read any! And I know outlander wasn't your thing, but I had some serious hots for jamie fraser. I welcome any and all other Scots to my book boyfriend fold. I gotta check those books out!


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