Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adventures In The Great Wide Somewhere// Lima, Peru

I was talking to Nicole on Twitter about her trip to South America and she asked if I had done a recap of my own trip yet and I was like...'uh, no I haven't'...TOTALLY dropped the ball on this one! BUT after I started writing up my trip and adding in pictures I realized, this is going to have to be more than one post and *Eureka* maybe this is how I can finally add a travel feature to my blog! Y'all know I love to travel and be a nomad. I will spend any and all extra money on plane tickets and experiences and have been trying to think of a way to incorporate travel into my blog since forever! Because I am fortunate enough to plan trips and travel nurse, I thought I could do little travel features on the places I've been, cities I've lived in, and what to do while there. Ya like? I am in no means an expert but travel is a subjective experience so my palace could be your garbage. I know from experience my two favorite cities in the world (London and Rome) are usually cities people end up hating, so to each their own.

My first post will feature Lima, Peru where I was in November 2014. Let's do this!

To begin, let's start with the essentials. Any international trip I take I always have 3 must-haves. The passport-duh, a May book I design to use as my travel journal-always a favorite pre-trip ritual, and The Bronze Horseman-I read this first in Africa and now I take it with me on every major trip to re-read. *Le sigh*
However, this post is all about south of the Equator. I went to South America for a month November to December and it was one of the most amazing experiences. I went to Peru first, met up with my travel buddy Rachel, and our first stop was Lima, Peru. Um...not my favorite. It sucks I decided to start this feature with a place I wouldn't go back to but such is life. They had some beautiful city centers but overall the city of Lima looks like a rundown version of Las Vegas, no joke.
Our first day, well second actually because the first day was taking a big long nap, finding food, and waiting for Rachel to arrive so I spent the day in my hostel's outside garden reading The King by Tiffany basically Kingsley and I have already taken our first vacation together. Yes, it was dirty and magical. So, day two, we did a tour throughout downtown Lima and our tour guide for the day was PHENOMENAL. He was so well-spoken and intelligent and knew so much about the city that even if it is not my favorite city in the world, I learned a lot about the city. And we were able to find some really beautiful architecture throughout the city capital, again, thanks to our tour guide.
The Monastery of San Francisco
One of the two best thing I did in Lima was a tour of the Monastery of San Francisco. The church is beautiful inside and out, not to mention the catacombs underneath (but we're not able to take pictures in the catacombs so thus no pictures). It was eerie and creepy with tons of bones--obviously--and definitely made you feel a little claustrophobic. Low ceilings, creep-tastic displays of the ancient skulls that played a little on this side of macabre for my liking.

El Parque del Amor
My favorite spot in all of Lima though was el Parque del Amor-The Park of Love. It's right along the ocean and all along the walkway are mosaics of famous love quotes and couples throughout history. And in the middle they have this large (heh heh) monument of a couple embracing and I looked at Lima a little differently after that, I was all, well hey look at sexy times being had! But seriously, it's in homage to all the lovers of the world because throughout all the rest of South America, monuments are only erected (see what I did there?) to battles and winning. This monument is to honor love *le sigh*. The monument is called 'El Beso' aka The Kiss and it's a beautiful place to bring your Latin lover. It was overcast the day we were there, as you can see in the pictures, but I can imagine it being beyond beautiful when it's sunny.
So, yeah. That's Lima. Don't judge my new jaunt into the travel blog world too harshly or critically because this city was just not my flavor. It lacked the Peruvian culture I was looking for but have no fear, Cuzco is coming soon.

Must See
el Parque del Amor

Lima in general if you're pressed for time

Travel Class

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  1. I'm so excited about your new travel series on the blog! I've always admired your travel adventures, and whenever you tell me about them, I feel like I was there with you. Thanks for sharing about Lima, Peru! The only thing I actually know about it is that my best friend in the 3rd grade was from there ;) But it sounds very different than from what I expected? I'm glad you enjoyed it even though it wasn't your favorite though!


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