Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jumping For Jojo// One Plus One

If you've been to this blog before you know my deep, deep love for Jojo Moyes and her books. Her writing and her stories gnaw at the deepest part of my soul and her characters burrow their way into my heart and take up residence. There is not a Jojo Moyes book that I have met that I haven't wanted to be BFFs with. I can honestly say I love each and every one of them but in a different way and that is the magic that is Jojo to me. Each book is so uniquely different yet amazing in its own special way.

My stop on the Jump for Jojo week of love highlights One Plus One. While I said above I love all her books, One Plus One struck a chord with me that buzzed pleasantly for a long time after finishing the final page. Jess is such a fantastic character and mother and her children are on another level of love. While I love Jess, and Ed isn't too bad himself, it was Tanzie and Nicki that stole my freaking heart. There is a beautiful message of accepting yourself, finding your tribe, and letting your freak flag fly...and all this is learned on a down and dirty road trip. So to honor my stop on the Jojo Express, I'm talking about road trip necessities. 

Many of you know I'm a travel nurse and have worked in California the last year-ish and because of this I have driven across the country...twice. So here are my Road Trip Must-Haves

1. Epic Playlist
Whether you jam out to Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Carrie Underwood, or Britney Spears, have your favorite pumped up songs ready to go. The right music makes everything better.
 My road trip to Cali was all about Lorde's album and my journey home was all things 1989 :)

2. Snacks
My personal favorite must-have is Diet Coke, Strawberry Crystal Light packets to mix with water, and Cheetos. I have zero room to eat healthy and sorry not sorry I consider it a free pass to eat like garbage.
Ok fine, I do sometimes supplement with bananas, too.
3. A Map
Now let's say you're driving through Colorado and the ONLY road that travels East--West is closed for 9 hours...a map would be helpful to find an alternative route...or to realize there is no alternative route and to find a cafe to fall asleep in *cough* sit in for the foreseeable future.
I still hate you Colorado highway system.
4. A Companion
Not a must-have but a nice addition. My first cross country excursion I went with my good friend Tre and I would have rather gone by myself. This fucking fool was a series of unfortunate events and I wasn't afraid to tell him. The fact that we are still friends today shows how close we are because anybody else would have dropped me like a bad habit and vice versa. 
The fact that we're still friends is a miracle on its own

5. Indulging in Local Cuisine
Don't forget to take advantage of your surroundings and eat at a small town diner or some dive off the highway. More than likely it's great food...or it's awful and you have a good story to tell. Win-win either way.
Massive waffles in the shape of Texas and In-N-Out immediately after crossing the Cali border
6. An Open Mind
More likely than not, shit will hit the fan. I had better luck on my second cross country excursion than my first but an open mind is your best friend when things don't go as planned. Like when you're travel companion forgets his wallet back in Wisconsin; when the only highway in Colorado shuts down for 9 hours, when your (dumbass) companion books the hotel in Vegas for the wrong night, stuff like that! I am not the best at this and had more than a few rage-worthy meltdowns so...do as I say, not as I do.

Relaxing aka falling asleep at a cafe in the middle of nowhere Colorado

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  1. What a great idea for a post, Kel! I definitely think you highlighted some road trip essentials that I would consider taking on my own road trip (though I have yet to do a cross-country one like you). I loved One Plus One too, and definitely think that the family (Jess, Tanzie and Nick) was one of the best parts!


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